Manhattan man vows to visit 365 city bars in 365 days!

AlcoholNew York, Mar 10 : A Manhattan man is fulfilling every alcoholic’s dream—he has pledged to drink at 365 city bars in 365 days.

Marty Wombacher, 51, is on a mission to create a poor man''s guide to New York''s watering holes.

He heads to various pubs and bars, take loads of pictures, drink lots of beer, and post the adventures on his Web site www. aguywalksinto365bars. com.

"My ideal New York bar is a dive bar with really interesting characters. If you have the coolest bar in the world, but it is filled with jerks, then you will have a rotten time. Who wants to drink in a room filled with jerks?” the New York Daily News quoted Wombacher as saying.

Wombacher, a single guy who lives alone in a W. 16th St. rent-stabilized studio, works as an ink jet operator to support his beer habit.

And his favourite drinking spot is Winnie''s Bar & Restaurant on Bayard Street in Chinatown, and the worst bar, according to Wombacher, is House of Brews on W. 46th St. (ANI)

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