McCain blames Obama’s ‘disengaged’ foreign policy in Middle East for attacks on US posts

 McCain blames Obama’s ‘disengaged’ foreign policy in Middle East for attacks on US postsWashington, Sept. 17 : Republican leaders said that the Obama administration's foreign policy of `disengagement' in the Middle East led to the attacks on U. S. posts in the region.

Michigan Republican Mike Rogers and Arizona Senator John McCain said that President Barack Obama is pulling troops out of Afghanistan and Iraq, while has offered less than total support to Israel's effort to stop Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons, has left an exploitable void in the region.

"The Middle East believes there is a disengagement policy with the U. S.," Rogers, the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, said.

McCain said he had `no doubt' the attacks on roughly 20 U. S. posts in Middle East, including the fatal one in Libya, were the result of America's shift in foreign policy to `disengagement'.

"Prior to 9/11, we had a policy of containment," McCain said, adding: "Then after 9/11, it was a confrontation with the terrorists and Al Qaeda. Now it''s disengagement. We''re leaving Iraq.

We''re leaving Afghanistan. We''re leaving the area. The people in the area are having to adjust. And they believe the United States is weak, and they are taking appropriate action.

" According to Fox News, McCain said that members of the Obama administration and others who right now think that the attacks were sparked by an anti-Muslim video on the Internet are `ignoring the facts'.

"Most people don''t bring rocket-propelled grenades and heavy weapons to a demonstration," he said.

"That was an act of terror. And for anyone to disagree with that fundamental fact, I think, is really ignoring the facts. And they used pretty good tactics: indirect fire, direct fire, and obviously they were successful," he added.

According to the report, McCain said the real underlying cause is the struggle within the Arab world between the Islamists and the forces of moderation and added: "And they want America disengaged". (ANI)

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