McCain says America ‘can’t afford’ another Obama White House term

McCain says America ‘can’t afford’ another Obama White House term Washington, Aug. 30 : US Republican Senator John McCain criticized President Barack Obama's record and argued that the United States should maintain an aggressive foreign policy.

The Arizona Senator, speaking at the Republican National convention, accused Obama of leading the nation `away from our proudest traditions of global leadership' during his tenure as president.

According to CBS News, McCain, targeting Obama over his decision to withdraw troops from Afghanistan for his position on Syria and for the impending `sequester' defense budget cuts, said: "We can''t afford another $500 billion in cuts to our defense budget - on top of the nearly $500 billion in cuts that the president is already making," adding: "His own secretary of defense has said that cutting our military by nearly $1 trillion would be `devastating.

" According to the report, McCain also attacked Obama for a spate of recent high-level national security leaks, arguing that "we can't afford to have the security of our nation and those who bravely defend it endangered because their government leaks the secrets of their heroic operations to the media".

McCain called Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney as a leader who would stand up for good over evil, justice over tyranny, and love over hate, and called Americans to vote for him as the next president, the report said.

"The demand for our leadership in the world has never been greater.

People don''t want less of America," he said, adding: "I trust that Mitt Romney has that faith, and I trust him to lead us." (ANI)

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