Microsoft Claims 180 Million Vista License Sales

Microsoft Claims 180 Million Vista License SalesIn the fourth quarter earning report, Microsoft is claiming to have reached 180 million mark in Windows Vista license sales. Over the last 12 months, Microsoft had overall sales of $60.42 billion and a profit of $17.68 billion.

Large number of this revenue growth was driven by increased Windows Server and SQL Server revenue, increased licensing of 2007 Microsoft Office System and Windows Vista, and increased Xbox 360 platform sales.

This revenue growth is also being attributed to the terrible dollar exchange rate. The foreign currency exchange rates accounted for $542 million revenue.

Microsoft claims that 180 million Vista licenses has been sold since the operating system's launch in January 2007, but the critics are doubtful whether the demand for Vista is increasing, or it's stable or even decreasing.

According to the report, Microsoft said, it sold 20 million copies in the first month, 40 million copies in its first 100 days and 60 million in 6 months. But these numbers include Express Upgrade Sales for Vista, under which customers were given free upgrade option from Windows XP operating system.

Microsoft rarely gives out sales numbers, but it seems that the company just wants to create a healthy picture of Vista in the minds of consumers, after recent criticism about the software.

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