Modi`s address to U.S. Congress `high point` in Indo-US ties: Jay Panda

Washington, D. C., June 9 : BJD MP Baijyant Panda, who is also the chairman of India-US Forum of Parliamentarians ( IUPF), has said the feedback he got after Prime Minister Narendra Modi's address to a joint session of the U. S. Congress suggested that it was a 'high point' in the relationship between both the nations.

"It was a historical day for the people of both the countries. In last 15 to 18 years, the India-US relations have improved, but everyone here is of the view that today was a high point in the ties," Panda told ANI.

When asked about the future of the Indo-U. S. relations, Panda said: "I am there in Parliament for 16 years and out of that, I have been a part of the India-U. S. Track II for 15 years. I have been witnessing the strengthening of the ties between both the nations and today, people are saying that it is a high point."

He also said 10 years ago, the Civil Nuclear Deal was a big breakthrough between both the countries, and its follow up is evident now.

"The strategic relations not only include India and America, but many other countries in South-East Asia want the US-India to play a pro-active and positive role," he added.

Prime Minister Modi in his historical address at the joint session of the US Congress at Capitol Hill here on Wednesday lauded the bonds between the two nations, saying freedom and liberty were the key elements that strengthened ties between them.

He added that both the countries had overcome the hesitations of history.

In an address peppered with applauses and standing ovations, the Prime Minister emphasised on the successful partnership between 'natural allies' India and the U. S., asserting that the importance of freedom and democracy shared by both nations was key to their respective governments.

Praising the U. S. for turning barriers into bridges of partnership, he said that America had stood with India when the support was needed the most, like when terrorists attacked Mumbai in November 2008 and in other economic endeavours as well.

Prime Minister Modi also said India and the United States should come closer and become stronger, and through their shared values do something for the benefit of the world.

He further said that his dream is to economically empower India's citizens through social and economic transformations by 2022, the seventy-fifth anniversary of India's independence. (ANI)

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