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Obama Defeats Clinton In The Missouri Democratic Primary – Exit Polls

Barack_ObamaSen. Barack Obama has won the Missouri Democratic primary defeating his rival Sen. Hillary Clinton, say CBS News and NBC News.

According to the reports from the office of the Missouri Secretary of State's Web site, with 99.5 percent of the 3,371 voting precincts reporting in the state, Obama was ahead by 7,572 votes with more than 800,000 votes cast.

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Clinton Leads Obama In The Race For Democratic Delegates

hillary-clintonThe polls had showed Obama tantalizingly close, and the ballots have scripted different story. Super Tuesday’s early results have revealed that Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton has won a commanding lead. She has virtually got an edge over her adversary Sen. Barack Obama in the race for Democratic delegates.

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Clinton Puts Brakes On Surging Obama

hilary-clinton_obamaThe early results of Super Tuesday contests have exhibited that Hillary Clinton has put brakes on surging Obama. Her wins in some of very delegate-rich states, including the state she represents, New York, and Arkansas, where she lived when her husband, former President Bill Clinton, was governor, are good enough for her to tame her rampaging rival Barack Obama.

Deadheads Organizes Vote Concert For Obama

DeadheadsSan Francisco: Seeing political hope, which had vanished since Robert Kennedy was kill

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Clinton’s Lead Shrinks, Obama Gains Strength – Recent Poll

Hillary Clinton_Barack ObamaAlbany: The latest surveys are showing that Hillary Clinton's commanding is lead shrinking and Barack Obama is gaining strength. According to a recent poll, Clinton is well ahead in her home state of New York and Obama is leading in his home state, Illinois, but in neighboring New Jersey, the gap has narrowed.

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Garrison Keillor Backs Obama

Garrison_KeillorLos Angeles: Following California first lady Maria Shriver, Renown

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Big Four Campaign For “Super Tuesday”

US Election, Hillary Clinton and Barack ObamaThe “big four” of the U.S. presidential hopefuls are campaigning for the next week's so-called "Super Tuesday" political showdown when more than 20 states will hold primary elections or caucuses.

US Election Sounds Battle Of "Four"

clinton_obamaMcCain and RomneyAs John Edwards and Rudy Giuliani have given up ahead of the Super Tuesday, the US presidential election seems to have become the battle of “Four”.

Barack Obama lost in New Hampshire; Hillary Clinton Surprises Everyone with Comeback

Barack Obama Hillary Clinton New Hampshire PrimariesBarack Obama couldn’t repeat the magic of Iowa caucus in New Hampshire. Obama was leading in New Hampshire as per estimates of most of the polls and surveys. New Hampshire voters surprised everyone by voting in favor of Senator Hillary Clinton.

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Hillary Proved Polls wrong, Senator Clinton wins in New Hampshire, Barack Obama second

Hillary Clinton wins New Hampshire PrimariesVoters in New Hampshire have surprised the nation, media and survey companies. Hillary Clinton has been declared as winner in N.H. primaries. Now, the political battle has become more interesting. The victory in New Hampshire primaries was much needed for Hillary Clinton.

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New Hampshire voters excited; Barack Obama finds more support and Hillary set to lose

Record voting in New Hampshire Hillary Clinton tough timesVoters in New Hampshire are gathering outside polling stations in large numbers. Being the first state to hold US presidential primary, all eyes are set on New Hampshire. The verdict of people of New Hampshire will be very important in the final decision of US presidential nominee.

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Hillary Clinton set to lose in New Hampshire, Barack Obama is the New Star Performer

Barack Obama leads in New Hampshire against Hillary ClintonThings aren’t looking good for Senator Hillary Clinton. After the results of recent polls by various agencies, the support for Hillary in New Hampshire has gone much below Barack Obama. Clintons were very positive about New Hampshire and already knew that Iowa wasn’t good for Hillary.

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Barack Obama wants to repeat Iowa in New Hampshire; Hillary Clinton gathering more support

Senator Barack Obama and Hillary ClintonSenator Barack Obama might have surprised many by winning the Iowa caucuses. First term senator Obama is now ready for New Hampshire and is gathering support from young and independent Americans. Obama addressed his supporters at a high school in Concord, New Hampshire. Obama told his supporters that the people of Iowa have voted for a change and now its turn of New Hampshire.

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