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McCain’s 'robo calls' about Obama-Ayers criticized

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Obama Moves Some Michigan Staff To Other States

Obama Moves Some Michigan Staff To Other StatesWith barely a fortnight to go before the November 4 election, and the Republican John McCain almost having conceded Michigan, Democratic Barack Obama is moving some of his paid Michigan staffers to other battleground states - Virginia, Colorado, North Carolina, Indiana and Florida.

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Palin, McCain Term Obama’s Policies ‘Socialist’

Palin, McCain Term Obama’s Policies ‘Socialist’Republican vice presidential nominee, Sarah Palin, after having begged her speech writers to help her avoid the mention of “Joe the Plumber” on the campaign trail, referred to the Ohio plumber, for the third consecutive day, at a rally in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

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McCain Aide Says He's Strong In 'Real' Virginia

McCain Aide Says He's Strong In 'Real' VirginiaMcCain senior adviser, Nancy Pfotenhauer, said on MSNBC that though northern Virginia “has gone more Democratic”, John McCain, the Republican presidential nominee, still has a strong chance of winning the state because of his support in “real Virginia” - the downstate areas.

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Uncommitted voters favor Obama over McCain after final debate

Uncommitted voters favor Obama over McCain after final debateAs soon as the third presidential debate ended, CBS News interviewed a nationally representative sample of 638 debate watchers assembled by Knowledge Networks. These were the “uncommitted voters” - either undecided about who to vote for, or who could still change their minds. 50% of them said Obama won the debate, 22% said McCain won, and 25% thought the face-off was a tie.

Majority of Uncommitted voters, in a CBS News/Knowledge Networks poll, also said that Obama defeated McCain in the first two presidential debates as well.

Survey USA: Obama Leads In California; McCain Edges Ahead In Florida

Survey USA: Obama Leads In California; McCain Edges Ahead In FloridaSurvey USA’s latest Obama vs McCain opinion polls show that Barack Obama is presently way out front in the presidential race in California, but John McCain has taken lead over Obama in Florida. According to the polls, Obama has huge lead over McCain in California, while McCain has taken slim lead in Florida.

Conducted from October 15 to October 16, Survey USA’s Obama vs McCain California poll shows Obama leading McCain by 24 % points — 59 % to 35 % among the likely voters of Florida.

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Research 2000/Daily Kos: McCain Leads Obama In Georgia, Mississippi, Texas, Wyoming

Rasmussen Reports: Obama Leads McCain In Connecticut, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Missouri, Colorado, Nevada

McCain Is Trailing Obama In The Latest Nationwide Opinion Polls

McCain’s line of attack against Obama’s plans - “Joe the plumber”

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John McCain On ‘Late Show’ With David Letterman

John McCain On ‘Late Show’ With David LettermanJohn McCain, the Republican Party’s presidential nominee finally made it to Late Show With David Letterman, after abruptly cancelling his appearance last month saying he had to rush to Washington to help deal with the country’s financial crisis, when actually he stayed on in New York to be interviewed by Katie Couric, CBS’s news anchor, a lie that earned him the comedian’s considerable ire.  To make things worse, McCain attended former President Bill Clinton’s philanthropic summit in the city, the following morning.  Letterman responded by taking on-air potshots at McCain for standing h

What Do The Zogby Interactive’s Latest Obama vs McCain Opinion Polls Show?

InsiderAdvantage/Poll Position: Obama Leads In Florida, Nevada, North Carolina; McCain Leads In West Virginia

Rasmussen Reports: Obama Leads In Illinois, New Mexico; McCain Leads In Kansas

Obama Leads Mccain In The Latest Massachusetts Opinion Polls

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