Trump accused of discrediting Republicans by saying ‘Obama may be a Muslim’

Trump accused of discrediting Republicans by saying ‘Obama may be a Muslim’Washington, Apr 2: American businessman Donald Trump has been accused of discrediting the entire Republican Party, as he speculates that US President Barack Obama's birth certificate may say he is a Muslim.

Trump, a potential presidential candidate, also claimed that the President may have duped the entire nation about his birthplace and calls it `one of the greatest scams of all time'.

"People have birth certificates, he (Obama) doesn't have a birth certificate. He may have one, but there is something on that birth certificate," said Trump during an interview.

He said Obama's birth certificate could highlight something the President didn't want people to know.

When asked why Obama has not released his birth certificate, Trump said the President is trying to hide that he''s a Muslim.

"Maybe religion. Maybe it says he''s a Muslim. I don''t know. Maybe he doesn''t want that, or he may not have one. I will tell you this, if he wasn''t born in this country, it''s one of the great scams of all time." The Daily Mail quoted Trump, as saying.

The outburst drew sharp rebukes from leading Republicans and Democrats who said Trump has made a mistake that would leave him marginalized.

"He''s falling into Barack Obama''s trap," said Bush's former White House Deputy Chief of Staff, Karl Rove.

"Barack Obama wants Republicans to fall into this trap because he knows it discredits us with the vast majority of the American people when they do," he added.

Trump recently produced a copy of his own birth certificate in an attempt to shame the president, although he later released a second version when it turned out the first was not the official one. (ANI)

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