Trump admits admiring Saddam''s terrorism policy

Trump admits admiring Saddam''s terrorism policyWashington, Mar. 16: American billionaire Donald Trump has said in a recent interview that he admired Saddam Hussein''s terrorism policy.

During his interview with conservative news site, Human Events, he said: "Whether you like Saddam Hussein or not, and I don't-he was a bad guy-but he used to shootthe terrorist; he used to kill them. He didn''t give them a trial like in this country. He used to shoot terrorists and kill them."

Regarding, Afghanistan and U. S forces, Trump said: "I want to invest a lot of money into our military."

But later he added, "We don''t have to have our soldiers over there in the Middle East being blown up by land mines. It''s just not going to happen. With me we''re going to build the United States."

When asked about the Somali pirate situation, Trump said: "Give me one good admiral and a few ships and I will wipe them out so fast."

He also said: "George Bush gave us Obama whether you like it or not. George Bush gave us Obama, without George Bush we don''t have Obama. So I''ve never been a fan of George Bush," when he was asked about position of potential presidential candidate on the current administration.

According to The Fox News he was then asked to name the Supreme Court Justice he admires the most. He admitted that he admires one, but refused to give the name, so as to avoid insulting the others Justices.

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