Trump not a "serious" presidential candidate: Republican senator McCain

Trump not a Washington, May 2 : Arizona Senator John McCain has said that Donald Trump cannot be perceived as a "serious" Republican presidential contender.

He argued that while the business magnate seemed to be "having a lot of fun," the GOP had "very serious" candidates in the field who would be focusing on more serious issues.

"I think Mr. Trump is having a lot of fun. It''s "pretty clear he enjoys the limelight,” the CBS News quoted McCain, as saying.

"We have very serious candidates. I think that if Trump wants to run, he''s welcome to run," he added.

McCain said he would not "accuse" Trump of playing the "race card" in his recent suggestions that President Barack Obama may not have been qualified to get into Harvard, but emphasized that presidential candidates should be more focused on discussions around the U. S. economy, not Obama''s college transcript.

"All of this is so unnecessary. With unemployment where it is, with the challenges we face, let''s not have a national conversation about that,” McCain said pointing out Trump’s comment on Obama’s educational background and birth place.

“Let''s have the national conversation about the upcoming debt limit which is going to be the subject of many of your shows in the next few weeks. That''s what we ought to be focusing our attention on," he added. (ANI)

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