Trump's firm stance on terror, makes him better White House candidate: Indian American industrialist

New York [United States], Nov, 7 : An Indian American industrialist has said that Republican nominee Donald Trump would be a better choice as the next president of the United States because of his strong stance on neutralising agents of terror.

Speaking to ANI in an exclusive interview 48 hours before America declares who will be the next occupant of the White House- Trump or his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton- Shalabh Kumar said:" Trump is very very strong on the issue of stopping terrorism."

Maintaining that Trump would be the right candidate for the White House as opposed to Hillary Clinton, Kumar further said, "Trump has talked about the problem of cross- border terrorism from Pakistan on India; he has spoken about the Mumbai terror attack of November 2008; the attack on the Indian Parliament (in December 2001); his views are very clear on this issue."

"On the other hand, Hillary is in favour of giving aid to Pakistan; she takes money from Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, who actually fund madrassas. That's where the radical people come from; that's where the attack on the Indian Parliament comes from. So, there nothing that Hillary is doing or can do about stopping terrorism," he added.

He admitted, however, that exit polls still show Hillary as being ahead of Trump, but added that they seem media manipulated, and pointed to independent polls showing Trump as being ahead of Clinton.

Kumar described Clinton as an "artificial" candidate for the White House, and added that her rallies also seemed artificial. Trump, on other hand, is a sprinter and is running very strong and could leave Clinton behind, he said. (ANI)

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