Uber unveils 800 number for emergencies

New York, Mar.11 - American multinational online transportation network company Uber has unveiled a phone number for passengers and drivers to get in touch with the company in case of an emergency.

The move comes after Uber faced questions about a panic button in the wake of a deadly shooting in Kalamazoo, Michigan by an Uber driver last month, the Verge has reported.

"In the United States, 911 is the panic button and it's the panic button that we want people to use. It's the panic button that law enforcement wants people to use. And we don't want to try and replace that," said Joe Sullivan, Uber's head of security.

The helpline number is intended for drivers and customers who have urgent or timely situations for instance a passenger looking for medication left behind in an Uber car and not for emergencies, a company spokesperson said. (ANI)

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