Weakened US, a laughing stock of the world : Trump

 Weakened US, a laughing stock of the world : TrumpNew York, Apr. 18: Billionaire Donald Trump has described the United States as the laughing stock of the world in so far as its foreign policy initiatives are concerned.

Trump, who is flirting with a White House run in 2012, said Washington is too timid to wield its power assertively on the world stage.

"We have such power if we knew how to use it," Trump told CNN television in an interview.

He said that by failing to move more decisively in its foreign policy, "this country is a laughing stock throughout the world".

Trump, 64, has not yet announced that he is running for president, but he has become more visible in recent weeks, giving more interviews and stepping up his criticism of President Barack Obama ahead of a possible 2012 challenge.

Trump has a massive financial empire that spans everything from beauty contests to prime New York real estate.

Ranked the 420th wealthiest person this year by Forbes magazine with 2.7 billion dollars, the man has said that if he decides to run for the White House, he is likely to make the announcement on his own hit reality TV show, Celebrity Apprentice. (ANI)

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