What Do Experts Say On Wyoming Contest?

Obama_vs_Clinton_WyomingIt appears to be troubled landing of Sen. Barack Obama, after enjoying meteoric flights in the entire last month, when Sen. Hillary Clinton’s plane couldn’t even take off. But, Clinton’s took some nice flights on 4 March, when she defeated rival Obama in Texas, Ohio, and Rhode Island.

Certainly, it was nice fight back by Clinton, who made her comeback with her recent three wins. However, Obama, winning Vermont, still leads Clinton in Democratic delegate race, which now proceeds to Wyoming, the state where 18 Democratic delegates are at stake.

According to the latest Democratic delegate count, Obama has 1573 delegates (1366 pledged delegates + 207 Super Delegates), while Clinton has 1464 (1222 Pledged Delegates + 242 Super Delegates). Obama leads Clinton by 109 delegates.

The experts opine that Hillary Clinton, pepped up by her recent wins, undoubtedly is the front runner because her ability to mobilize the voters and her big name. On the other hand, Obama is really looking to make a strong comeback on Saturday.

According to the Associated Press, there hasn’t any polls done in Wyoming, but there are 12 delegates up for grabs on Saturday. Governor Dave Freudenthal has refused to endorse either of the two. However, the Democratic state party chair, John Millin has endorsed Sen. Obama.

The majority of political experts feel that Sen. Clinton may face an uphill battle in Wyoming. The state is favored toward Obama, who has been running "grass root" campaign in Wyoming, which will help propelling him in Wyoming. Even, Clintons are aware of the fact that Obama has an edge in Wyoming. That’s what has compelled former President Bill Clinton to fly Wyoming to do some stumping and campaign for his wife.

Desperately needing to win more democratic delegates, Clinton hasn’t got too many resources left to squander them in Wyoming. So, she is trying to keep her resources intact for Pennsylvania, where most of the recent polls show her having some lead over Obama.    

According to the experts, Obama has better record in northwestern states. Most of the recent opinion polls in Wyoming favor Obama. Most of Wyoming opinion polls say, despite Clinton's recent victories, Obama has a better chance of winning Wyoming Caucus.  

The experts from Washington Post feel that the margin between Obama and Clinton will likely shrink. Wyoming is not the state that can determine who wins the Democratic nomination for president. However, it will make the race between two more intense.

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