What Do The Recent Polls In Rhode Island Say?

clinton_obama_polls_in_rhode_islandAiming to regain the Democratic public opinion that is recently tilting over and over towards Obama, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton is presently involved in the fierce battle of words with Sen. Barack Obama in Ohio, which is one of the two main battlefields for Clinton and Obama on March 4.

Certainly, Texas and Ohio are going be epicenters of Clinton and Obama, but the contests in Little Rhody and Green Mountain State, Vermont are also going to be crucial when both the Democratic presidential hopefuls are going with the goal to stay ahead, because they are well aware that none of them is in the state to win the required number of democratic delegates, and the party is going to nominate the better one.

161 democratic delegates are at stake in Ohio, and 228 Democratic delegates are at stake in Texas. So, Democratic polls in Ohio and Texas are going to be decisive. Obama is presently leading Clinton with 1374 to 1275 delegates.

The official polls in Rhode Island are also scheduled on 4 March. Clinton and Obama will be fighting for total 32 Democratic delegates in Rhode Island. There are a number of agencies that are busy in monitoring the mood of voters before the March 4 contests. These agencies have conducted a number of democratic polls in Ohio, Texas, Rhode Island, and Vermont. Here’s what the polls in Rhode Island say.

The Brown University conducted its poll on 9-10 Feb. in Rhode Island. According to the Brown University’s Rhode Island Poll, Hillary Clinton is leading Barack Obama with 36% to 28%. With margin of error 4.3%, the poll has shown Clinton in 8 present point lead.

The American Research Group’s poll conducted on 20-21 Feb. in Rhode Island has shown that Hillary Clinton is leading Barack Obama with 56 % to 40%. With margin of error 4.0%, the poll has indicated that Clinton is having 12 present point lead over Obama.

Rasmussen Reports has recently revealed the result of its poll conducted on 23 Feb. The Rasmussen Reports’ Poll has shown Hillary Clinton leading with 53%, while Barack Obama following with 38%. According to the poll with margin of error 3.0%, Clinton is having 15 present point lead over Obama.

On the Republican front, John McCain is clearly leading in all the polls in Rhode Island. The Republican Presidential hopefuls will be fighting for 20 delegates in Rhode Island.

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