Women playing a vital role Lyari gang wars, drug peddiling activities

Karachi, Aug. 4 : Gang wars and drug peddling activities are as healthy as ever in Karachi’s infamous Lyari area. The only change that appears visible is that now women are playing a vital role.

According to the Daily Times, they are being roped in for the above activities, and police say the day is not far off when they will be seen bearing arms and getting involved in clashes.

Last month, the Sindh Rangers and Police staged a joint operation that resulted in peace being restored to Lyari and other areas which were previously off-limits for uninvolved citizens.

Drug peddling, however, is tradition and is a major source of income for the people of Lyari and so it has proven impossible to eliminate completely.

“Of course, most of the women involved just want to earn money. They are doing this risky ‘job’ as they belong to poor families and usually have no other way to earn a living,” the Daily Times quoted the Superintendent of Police of Lyari Town, Raja Omer Khattab, as saying.

Women’s involvement is not new in illegal activities in Lyari. There have been women involved previously, and even killed, in gang war, such as Khadija alias Kani, a prominent gangster and drug peddler. Sakina Hajiani, sister of Lyari’s top don, Kala Naag, was killed along with her son and five others by her rival group, Majeed Speed, on the evening of her daughter’s wedding ceremony.

Rabia alias Rabuk and her sister, Amna alias Amuk, played a vital role for the Rehman Dakait group. Amna has been killed.

Social worker Anwar Bhaijaan’s sisters, Husna and Perveen, also used to work as drug peddlers. Anwar Bhaijaan and Husna’s son and son-in-law were all allegedly killed by Rehman Dakait’s group members.

Lyari police have no female officers on their force, making it very difficult to chase these women since they work secretly. (ANI)

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