YouTube set to add support for '360-degree videos'

youtubeLondon, Jan. 08 : YouTube will soon add a feature that will support 360-degree videos , it has been reported.

According to Gizmodo, it will allow users to upload videos taken with the special 360-degree cameras that are on their way into the market and will probably make use of virtual reality headsets, the Independent reported.

Many of those take the videos in different ways and with different results and YouTube's challenge was getting all of those different kinds of video to work on the site.

However, it's unclear whether the videos will be viewable for anyone using a computer, or if they will require a virtual reality headset to look around the scene.

It might also be available for the growing array of more high-tech goggles, including Samsung's Gear VR.

According to a statement from a Google spokesperson given to the gadget blog, the feature will come "in the coming weeks." (ANI)