Cannabis Legalisation Bill Gets Approval in Pacific Island

cannabisCannabis is getting legalized in whole of the Pacific region gradually, for which Julian Crawford, Mana By-election candidate for the Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party is quite glad.

Mr. Crawford said, "Cannabis Legalisation in the Marianas will significantly boost tourism in the region as well as undermining the black market profits associated with Cannabis".

Last week, the parliament approved a cannabis legalisation bill in the Marianas Islands, which made it the first pacific country to get the authentication of use of cannabis. There was no stoppage to the approval of the bill, despite the US warning that if that would have happened it would nullify a monetary assistance worth US$10 million to the Islands.

Citing the economic and social benefits associated with the cannabis legalization, the other pacific islands would also follow the same, as expressed by Mr. Crawford. He recommended the setting up of a prohibition free zone in the pacific, for which New Zealand could provide the best help.

Mr. Crawford said the Cannabis Party would get support from the voters in Mana at the electorate after viewing that the pacific neighbours also backed legalisation, regulation and taxation of cannabis that would boost economies.