L&T Infotech posts strong 35 pct YoY Growth in PAT

Mumbai, July 29 : L&T Infotech (BSE code: 540005, NSE: LTI), (LTI), a global IT services and solutions provider, announced its Q1 FY17 results today.

In US Dollars:

Revenue at USD 231.1 million; growth of 0.6% QoQ and 10.8% YoY

Constant Currency Revenue growth of (0.3%) QoQ and 12.1% YoY

In Indian Rupees:

Revenue at Rs 15,550 million; growth at (0.2%) QoQ and 16.6% YoY

Net Income at Rs 2,358 million; Net Income growth at 3.3% QoQ and 35% YoY

Bajaj Auto witnesses 2.2 pct growth in Q1

Bajaj New Delhi, July 27 : Two-wheeler maker Bajaj Auto's first quarter (April-June) standalone profit missed the analysts' expectations on Wednesday, witnessing 2.2 percent growth to Rs. 978.4 crore on an yearly basis.

Impacted by slow growth in revenue and operational performance, the revenue grew by 3.5 percent to Rs. 6,088.8 crore in the quarter ended June 2016 from Rs. 5,881.2 crore as compared to last year.

On the other hand, sales volumes fell 1.8 percent YoY to 9.94 lakh units due to weakness in exports that slipped 22 percent YoY to 3.70 lakh units.

Blue Origin releases photos of New Shepard’s third launch and landing

Blue Origin, a private spaceflight company managed by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, launched and landed its New Shepard vehicle successfully for the third time on Saturday (April 2). The event led to a superb column of fire, blasting out a rocket ship’s back, filling the cool blue sky with light over the West Texas desert.

The photos and video of the New Shepard launch released by Blue Origin are showing rocket going in the direction of sky, where it ultimately gets apart from the vacant crew capsule. The crew capsule returned to Earth using parachute; however, the rocket booster made an elegant vertical landing using its thrusters.

Poorer Countries vulnerable to Climate Change need Help to live in Warming World

Climate change will impact almost every region of the planet in the coming times and the impact can be seen in terms of unpredictable and inclement weather, which would impact crop yields. It is important for governments to be ready to combat these changes as there could be food scarcity and people in the coastal regions would face frequent flooding. Climate scientists found that nations around the world that are at high risk of catastrophic impacts of climate change are among the poorest.

Arthopods Protected Their Young ones, Just as Humans Do Today, 430 million years ago

Arthopods Protected Their Young ones, Just as Humans Do Today, 430 million years

Busting the notion that modern-day parents are the first ones to keep tabs on their children to safeguard them from potential dangers, a new study has claimed that the practice began as long as 430 million years ago.

Published Monday in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the study described a tiny, resourceful arthropod creature, Aquilonifer spinosus, which devised a unique way for baby tracking. Aquilonifer spinosus tethered egg pouches to its back with threads and followed its juveniles as they grew, in a similar manner as if they were tiny kites. The aim was to keep the young ones tethered to the adult’s body with strings so as to keep them safe.

Astronauts begin training on Orion spacecraft to prepare for eventual trip to Mars

Astronauts have started training on Orion spacecraft for preparation of an eventual trip of transporting spacefarers to the Red Planet. The test crew wore spacesuits to properly test the vehicle and to check their own ability of interacting with control systems while attired in full gear.

The Orion spacecraft has been designed to be the next space delivery system of the US space agency that can lift human payloads to orbit, and outside our planet. The vehicle is the keystone of NASA’s quest of transporting people to Mars.

Newly discovered alien planet has three Suns in its sky

A recently found exoplanet using Kilodegree Extremely Little Telescope (KELT) has three Suns in its sky. Though scientists know a number of planets with two Suns, the case of a planet with three bright stars in its sky is uncommon.

The newly discovered far away world, called KELT-4Ab, orbits a single star, and that star in turn is orbited by a close pair of stars.

A new study has revealed that the twin stars are sufficiently close to the planet to look as bright as the sky’s full moon is.

Besides coming up as an example of a solar system quite distinct from our planet, the odd arrangement could shed some light over the evolution of gas giants present close to their parent star, called ‘hot Jupiters’.

Newly Found Viking Site in Canada Has Potential to Rewrite History

With the use of satellite imagery, archaeologists claim to have identified a site at Point Rosee in Newfoundland, Canada, that could probably be the first new Viking site discovered in North America in the past over five decades.

Archaeologists believe the newly discovered site has the potential to rewrite history, particularly the portion before the time of Christopher Columbus when Europeans explored North America.

Prior to this, it was in the 1960s that the only other Viking site in North America was found at L’Anse Aux Meadows on the northern tip of Newfoundland, about 300 miles from Point Rosee.

Ancient Arachnid Fossil may unveil Origin of Spiders

Ancient Arachnid Fossil may unveil Origin of Spiders

Researchers carefully examined a preserved fossil of an ‘almost spider’ to learn about the origin of spiders. The 305-million-year-old fossil was in Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle in Paris. It was unearthed in the 1980s by a fossil hunter, Daniel Sotty, in the rock of Montceau-les-Mines.

Researchers were unable to analyze the fossil previously because a large part of it was buried in that ancient rock. Only the abdomen part of the fossil was visible.

Now, researchers have used modern technology to view the buried part of the fossil. They used high-resolution CT Scans and developed a three-dimensional model that demonstrates different traits of arachnid.

Here’s How China’s Falling Carbon Emissions can Pressurize Other Nations to Meet Their Goals

Here’s How China’s Falling Carbon Emissions can Pressurize Other Nations to Meet

Until now, China has been the leading emitter of harmful greenhouse gases in the world, and emissions of CO2 in the country have been rising year after year. More than a year ago, US negotiators asked the government of China to pledge to curb greenhouse gas emissions in the country within a deadline.

Under an agreement, the US government also announced to reverse the growth of dangerous gases that cause global warming. China also pledged to limit the greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. The deadline is far off, but capital Beijing’s concession is a big step in efforts to effectively manage climate change, as per environmentalists.

Hospitals are facing new kind of security threat they are ill-prepared to handle

Last week, Washington-area MedStar Health restored its systems after a ransomware attack which locked its data and systems. Considering the rising incidents of attacks on hospital systems, internet security experts and hospital officials have said that the cyberattack on the health care provider has come up as a threatening indication that an industry in competition to digitize patient records and services has encountered a new type of security threat for which it isn’t ready yet. Organizations should consider increasing their budget on security of consumer data.

Obesity among men has tripled and more than doubled in women, finds study

Obesity among men has tripled and more than doubled in women, finds study

A large study has reported that presently the world has more adults that can be classified as obese than underweight. Led by Imperial College London scientists, and published in The Lancet, the research has compared body mass index (BMI) in nearly 20 million adult men and women in the time period from 1975 to 2014. The researchers discovered that obesity in men has become thrice and over doubled in women.

Prof. Majid Ezzat, lead author, said that the condition is an ‘epidemic of severe obesity’ and has requested governments to take some action to deal with obesity.

Children with ‘bubble-boy disease’ May Soon Have a Cure, Glaxo’s Potential Treat receives Positive Response

Children with ‘bubble-boy disease’ May Soon Have a Cure, Glaxo’s Potential Treat

Patients of ‘bubble-boy disease’ may soon have a cure as Glaxo’s potential cure has cleared one more hurdle after a European Union regulatory panel stood into its support. If approved, the treatment will help children born with the rare immune-system condition.

On Friday, an advisory committee of the European Medicines Agency showed its support for the cure, which involves introducing a new gene into the sufferer’s stem cells. Positive attitude of the committee has made path easy for the treatment. There are high chances that it will receive approval in coming months.

The new therapy will be beneficial for kids with Adenosine deaminase deficiency, also called ADA-SCID. It is a disease that targets children and takes their lives if left untreated.

Scientists may have just snapped photos of alien Earth

Scientists may have just snapped photos of alien Earth

Scientists likely have captured pictures of an alien Earth at an early stage. The latest photographs, captured by the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) in Chile, have revealed that the planet-forming disk surrounding a close by sun like star known as TW Hydrae has a gap at nearly the same distance from the star as that of between Earth and the sun.
In a statement, study lead author Sean Andrews, of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics (CfA), said that earlier studies using optical and radio telescopes have confirmed that the star has a well known disk with features that clearly indicate that the planets could soon start forming.

Scientists reconstruct colors of an ancient snake while it was alive

Scientists reconstruct colors of an ancient snake while it was alive

Using a sophisticated scanning technology, scientists have found what might have been the colors of the skin of an ancient snake, discovered in a colorless fossil. Preserved as a fossil, the 10-million-year-old snake doesn’t have a head. It would have been green colored along with black or brown blotches, and pale on inside.

The study, which appeared on March 31 in the journal Current Biology, reported that the description is similar to some of the present day snakes that belong to the same family.

NASA’s Mars Rover Opportunity to climb Most Extreme Slope it ever encountered

NASA’s Mars Rover Opportunity to climb Most Extreme Slope it ever encountered

NASA’s Mars rover Opportunity has been exploring the Red Planet for more than a decade. Like a champion, it tackled all the difficulties that it faced during its journey on the planet. But now, the rover has got stuck on a hill. NASA officials and scientists in the project have made a bold decision to make the rover climb the hill.

As per NASA report, the rover got stuck when it was exploring the slopes of ‘Marathon Valley’. The region is in Meridiani Planum of Mars. NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory announced that the Opportunity rover will attempt to climb the slope. It will be the most extreme slope the rover has faced in its more than a decade mission on the Red Planet.

ESA’s Rosetta clicks Striking Picture of Comet 67P

ESA’s Rosetta clicks Striking Picture of Comet 67P

This week, Rosetta spacecraft of the European Space Agency (ESA) clicked an exquisite picture of comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko. The probe snapped the picture when the comet was perfectly backlit by the sun.

While providing details on the recently clicked image, officials at ESA said that the spacecraft captured the image when it was a few hundred kilometers downstream of the vapor and dust pushed off by the Jupiter-family comet. According to the space agency, the duck-shaped object is on a course to move out of the solar system, but it’s still active.

Satellite Imagery hints at Second Viking site in North America

Satellite Imagery hints at Second Viking site in North America

To date, archaeological site L’Anse aux Meadows is the only Viking site in the Western Hemisphere. Now, archaeologists have discovered the second Viking site with the help of satellite imagery. They believe the discovery may unravel more about the history of Vikings.

As per historians, Vikings travelled many miles to enter North America about a thousand years ago. Discovery of the new site in North America may allow researchers to rewrite understandings about Vikings, who are famous for their fearsome conquests.

The newly unearthed site is on the southwest coast of the large Canadian island of Newfoundland, as per the archaeologists. They used infrared photos to reveal the site. The images were captured from over 400 miles up in the sky, said the archaeologists.

Theranos could be offering inaccurate results with its blood testing devices: Analysis

Theranos could be offering inaccurate results with its blood testing devices

Theranos, a California-based medical laboratory Service Company, shot to success after developing a blood testing device named Edison, which uses only a few drops of blood through a finger stick unlike conventional technique that takes vials of blood via venipuncture. The developer of Edison and founder of Theranos Elizabeth Holmes made millions through her invention. However, a recent federal report found deficiencies in Theranos blood testing devices.

CDC reports rise in Autism Rate in New Jersey and Wisconsin

CDC reports rise in Autism Rate in New Jersey and Wisconsin

New Jersey has seen a surge of 12% in new autism cases over a period of two years, federal health officials said on Thursday. Before this, the northeastern state already had the highest rate in the US for autism spectrum disorder. In the United States, the rate of autism remained stable within year 2010 and 2012, according to CDC report.

As per a report by federal health officials, one in every 41 kids in New Jersey is living with the mental condition present from early childhood. But if the new data is compared with number of autism cases in two years, from 2010 to 2012, it is not an uptick, said some experts. They also said that the state is doing a good job by detecting the disorder and providing help to the kids in problem.

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