Swedish Gaming Authority bans Small House BV’s operations due to lack of licensing

Swedish Gaming Authority bans Small House BV’s operations due to lack of licensing

In a bold move demonstrating its commitment to protect gaming enthusiasts and upholding market integrity, the Swedish Gaming Authority (Spelinspektionen) has imposed a ban on Small House BV’s operations within the country because the gaming services provider lacks necessary licensing.

This bold step of the gaming watchdog underscores its commitment to ensuring that all gaming companies abide by Sweden’s rules and regulations. In other words, it shows that the watchdog is in no mood to leave any stone unturned to reinforce a secure and regulated gambling environment.

The action is part of the regulator’s ongoing efforts to make sure that gambling activities in the country are conducted only by licensed operators. Small House BV isn’t the first gaming company that has been banned from operating in Sweden due to licensing requirements. In the month of June, the regulator banned the operations of a number of other companies, including Teanfail, Itsfail, NewEra BV, and MRSL NV. All these companies were also banned after the regulator found that they were operating without the necessary licenses.

In addition to banning unlicensed gaming operators, the Swedish Gaming Authority vigorously enforces its rules and regulations by imposing hefty fines on violators. Just last month, Kanon Gaming was slapped with a fine of SEK 7 million (approx. $667,000) for some violations, with inadequate player protection being one of them.

Yggdrasil, one of the best-known online gaming companies in the world, was fined SEK 300,000 (approx. €26,218) earlier this year. The fine was imposed after the regulator found that Yggdrasil provided gaming software to a company that lacked a Swedish license to operate. Apart from the fine, Yggdrasil had received a strict warning.

A list of banned operators and revoked verdicts was also published on the regulator’s official website, which can be visited by any gaming enthusiast in the country. This is done to ensure transparency and offer information to the members of the public. The regulator aims to raise awareness about hazards and dangers related to gambling on unlicensed gaming platforms.

The stringent actions taken against unlicensed gaming companies, exemplified by the ban on Small House BV, underscore the Swedish Gaming Authority’s dedication and commitment to uphold a secure and fair gambling environment in the country. By enforcing licensing requirements and penalizing violators, the regulator aims to protect consumers’ interests, while maintain the integrity of the market.

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