BYD sets new plug-in car sales record by selling 340,211 units in June 2024

BYD sets new plug-in car sales record by selling 340,211 units in June 2024

Displaying a remarkable growth, Chinese automaker BYD Limited shattered its own previous plug-in electric car sales record in June 2024, with a total of 340,211 units sold last month. The previous monthly plug-in electric car sales record was set in December 2023, when the automaker had sold 340,178 units. The increase in sales of the eco-friendly vehicles underscores the brand’s dominant position in the fast-evolving electric vehicle (EV) market. The Chinese brand managed to shatter its previous record, demonstrating unprecedented growth, mostly driven by its expanding portfolio of plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEVs).

Sales of the company’s all-electric cars in the month of June slightly decreased to settle at 145,179. It was a bit less than the figure recorded in May. Year-over-year sales growth of 13 per cent was also comparatively slow, which indicated that increasing sales of BEVs isn’t that easy.

The main area of growth was plug-in hybrid Vehicles (PHEVs). In June, the company sold a total of 195,032 PHEVs, up 58 per cent year-over-year. Sales of PHEVs set a new record for the fourth consecutive month.

In addition to the BEVs and PHEVs, the Chinese manufacturer sold 1,447 units of commercial electric vehicles (CEVs), which pushed the total number of plug-in vehicles to 341,658 units.

Out of the overall sales figure, the company sold 26,995 plug-in cars overseas in the month under review. This figure represents an increase of 156 per cent from the corresponding month of 2023. Of the total volume, it stands for almost 8 per cent.

The second quarter (Q2) of this year also set a new record in terms of plug-in electric car sales. BYD sold 982,747 passenger plug-in electric vehicles in the April through June quarter, up 40 per cent year-over-year. It is interesting to note here that no other automaker could sell more rechargeable vehicles than BYD. For the current year, the company is expected to enjoy noticeably higher sales than last year.

The shattering of BYD’s previous plug-in electric car sales record in June highlights the brand’s robust trajectory in the EV sector. With its stellar performance, the Chinese automaker not only underpins its position as a market leader but also sets a robust foundation for its future success. Now, it will be interesting to if the company manages to maintain its momentum and continues shattering records in the future as well.

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