6 Persons die in Ludhiana Shringar Cinema Blast - Update I

Punjab has been put on high alert by Police Department after the bomb blast in Shringar Cinema hall in Ludhiana. The bomb blast has killed 6 persons and nearly 30 have been admitted to hospitals. 10 persons are serious.

Forensic team has started from Chandigarh to investigate the situation. Punjab Police has not issued any statement in connection with the source of blast. The police department does not want to issue any misleading statement. Complete investigation will be done and the reports will be issued. The samples from the incident venue have been taken by experts.

Punjab Government has not issued any official statement yet. But Spokesperson of Punjab Government has said in a statement given to television reporters that this is an attempt to create terror in the state. There have been no attacks or bomb blasts in Punjab after the terrorist era ended.

UPA government is in touch with State government regarding the bomb blast at Shringar Cinema. The security has been tightened in all districts across Punjab. As per reports, the blast took place at 9 pm in sixth row of the cinema hall. The cinema hall was full to its capacity due to Eid.

The bomb ripped the auditorium of Sringar cinema hall, located in the heart of the city, at around 9 p.m. when close to 500 people were watching the evening show that began at 8 p. m.

Police and emergency services have reached the spot and the area has been cordoned off.

According to eyewitnesses, a loud explosion was heard near the front stall of the auditorium and that the number of toll would increase.

The blast led to wide scale chaos and confusion in the cinema complex and in the ensuing disorder some people got injured.

Ambulances took the injured people to civil hospital as firefighters carried out the rescue operations.

The blast follows the Thursday's blast at the historic Ajmer dargah where two people were killed and 17 others were injured.  (With Inputs from ANI)