Bill Gates Offers Splashy Swan Song At Consumer Electronics Show

Microsoft Corp. Bill GatesChairman Bill Gates has confirmed what many had anticipated: this year marked his last address at the Consumer Electronics Show, the substantial technology conference, which has turn out to be a meeting place for the Microsoft beginner.

Later this year, Gates plans to step away from an active role at Microsoft.

Gates also made several acknowledgments about his approaching departure in his lecture on Sunday evening - his eleventh address at the annual convention, called ‘CES.’

In a crowded hotel ballroom, Gates was welcomed like a rock star, with welcome praise and popping flash lamps or digital cameras for this crowd.

Bill along with other Microsoft executives used the keynote to draw attention to quite a lot of significant affiliations and landmarks such a deal to offer up the online-video backbone for NBC Universal's sweeping coverage of 2008’s Olympics in Beijing.

Gates made several references to his impeding departure from Microsoft.

“I’m not really sure what that last day is going to be like,” he stated in introducing a celebrity-packed video, which considered how a retired Gates might bide his time.

Gates laughed at his renowned position as an uber-nerd, trying - and failing - at rapping in a video recording studio with rap music creator Jay-Z, acting in a trial tape for Steven Spielberg and lifting weights with actor Matthew McConaughey.

“Am I ready to take my shirt off?,” Gates asked his training partner.

Then McConaughey replied ‘No’.

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