Brooklyn to investigate witness intimidation in abuse cases

Brooklyn to investigate witness intimidation in abuse casesThe Brooklyn district attorney, Charles J. Hynes is setting up a team of investigators to probe the alleged intimidation of witnesses in the child abuse cases within Brooklyn's ultra-Orthodox Jewish community.

Mr. Hynes has said that he was asking the panel to find out ways to break down the intimidation of witnesses. He also criticized some elements in the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community for the treatment of the victims of sexual abuse.

"The level of intimidation is not found nearly as much in organized crime. It's extraordinary just how relentless these people can be. There is no concern for the victim in parts of these communities. Everything is for the abuser, and that's the horrible thing that we have to deal with," he said.

Mr. Hynes has earlier praised some ultra-Orthodox Jewish leaders for their help in fighting crime in their neighborhoods. The move to set up the panel comes after an article in The New York Times that pointed out how members of the ultra-Orthodox Jewish communities are pressured by neighbors and rabbinical authorities to stay quite if they try to come forward with allegation of sexual abuse.

Mr. Hynes follows a different way of fighting crime ultra-Orthodox Jewish communities. He does not publish the names of ultra-Orthodox Jewish defendants who are accused of sexual abuse.