Chinese, Egyptian arrested in Hungary over fake 100-dollar bills

Chinese, Egyptian arrested in Hungary over fake 100-dollar billsBudapest - Hundreds of fake US banknotes were seized after a Chinese citizen tried to deposit 60,000 dollars of the forged bills into a personal account, Hungarian police said Thursday.

The suspect, who runs a store in the town of Siofok, 100 kilometres south-west of Budapest, was caught after a cashier at a local bank noticed inconsistencies in the
100-dollar bills and alerted the police.

The man was arrested and, during questioning, revealed the name of an Egyptian business partner in the Hungarian capital, a spokeswoman for Siofok police Ibolya Beke was quoted as saying by the state news agency MTI.

During a search of the second suspect's Budapest home, a further 500 of the fake bills were found, bringing the total face value of the fake banknotes to 110,000 dollars.

Both men are being held pending a court decision on whether to remand them in custody until the case comes to trial.(dpa)