In Norway, EVs all set to outnumber gasoline cars by end of 2024

In Norway, EVs all set to outnumber gasoline cars by end of 2024

The realm of Norwegians roads is poised for a transformative change as the number of all-electric vehicles (BEVs) is expected to surpass the number of conventional gasoline-powered vehicles by the end of 2024. For the last several years, Norway has been experiencing extraordinarily high sales of electric cars. On the other hand, sales of the internal combustion engine vehicles have been constantly decreasing year after year. According to stats released by Statistics Norway and the Norwegian public Roads Administration, nearly 775,000 internal combustion engine vehicles are running on public roads in the country, while the number of all-electric cars has been estimated at 700,000. Assuming sales of 80,000 to 100,000 units this year, and a considerable decline in the number of gasoline vehicles, EVs are expected to outnumber gasoline vehicles sooner than later.

However, EVs will likely not be able to surpass diesel cars I the foreseeable future. In fact, it might take a few more years for EVs to outshine diesel cars in terms of numbers as there are still more than one million diesel vehicles running on the North European nation’s roads.

By type of fuel, Norway's car fleet as of 31st of March this year included a total of 1,068,929 diesel cars, 776,003 gasoline cars, and 700,358 all-electric cars. When it comes to market share, all-electric cars accounted for 24.3 per cent of the overall fleet. The total number of hybrid cars has been reported at 339,724 units, including nearly 200,000 PHEVs. Thus, the grand total settled at 2,885,014 units.

Remarkably, market share of EVs in Norway is significantly higher than in other nations because sales of EVs remained high over a long period of more than ten years. This year, the share of BEVs is almost stable at 90 per cent, and it surpasses 92 per cent when we include PHEVs.

However, recent car registration data revealed that the number of car registrations (total as well as all-electric) is on the decline in the country. In the month of March, the number of total new car registrations dropped by almost 50 per cent, including plug-ins.

When it comes to best-selling cars in the first quarter of this year, the Tesla Model Y maintained its top position with 4,704 new registrations, accounting for slightly more than 20 of all car sales. The Toyota bZ4X and Volkswagen ID.4 surfaced as the next two most popular models, with 1,324 and 924 new registrations, respectively.

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