`City of Joy'' heralds Olympiad with palm art

olympiadKolkata, Aug. 9 : A Chinese artist in Kolkata has brought alive the spirit of the Olympics here through paintings made by his palms and fingers.

Fifty-six-year-old Guan Yaojiu paints mountains using his palms and finger instead of paint brushes.

He has dedicated this palm art piece to the ongoing Olympic Games in Beijing.

Yaojiu also makes dragons, which are revered by the Chinese, with the help of fine Chinese brushes.

Yaojiu uses his palm swiftly to bring about clarity on the canvas.

For his mountain paintings Yaojiu usually uses black, but adds shades of brown and green to some of his works.

His unique art pieces have been given a place of pride in the Olympic Commemoration Book published on the occasion of the Beijing Olympics that comprises the works of 108 artists.

Yaojiu''s has one regret in life that the Olympic Express has his mural on dragons, painted with brushes and not the mountains that he paints with his palms.

The dragons were an automatic choice for the Olympic almanac, as they represent the highest form of power in China.

Guan Yaojiu is one of the most respected artists in China. He is a guest professor at the Yunnan Tourist Culture University and also the chief artist of the Art Academy of Oil. (ANI)