Netflix users can now watch movies offline!

Netflix users can now watch movies offline!

Washington D.C. [USA], Dec. 1 : Netflix recently announced its ultimate game changer that allows its users to enjoy, even when offline, the various services the entertainment company offers.

Now, users worldwide can download some videos to their mobile devices instead of streaming them over cellular data, a feature that could keep eyeballs on the app when internet signals are spotty or unavailable, reports the New York Times.

Users boarding an airplane, leaving on a road trip or ducking into the subway, for example, could use Wi-Fi to download their favorite movies and TV shows beforehand, then view them when the cellular signal dips out.

Netflix partners with SoftBank: Reports

Netflix partners with SoftBank: Reports

According to reports, Netflix, a provider of on-demand Internet streaming media, has teamed up with SoftBank in order to launch its video-streaming service in Japan. The announcement was made by the company on Monday.

According to Netflix, SoftBank customers can sign up for Netflix via SoftBank's shops, website, in addition to call centers, and through big electronics retailers.

Netflix has also made an announcement regarding a pricing structure beginning at 650 yen per month, when it comes to the basic plan. It rises as much as 1,450 yen for the premium account that offers ultra-high definition streaming. SoftBank will start pre-installing of the Netflix app on its smartphones that are planned to be sold after October 2015.

Netflix investors give stock split approval Tuesday

Netflix investors give stock split approval Tuesday

A proposal to increase authorized shares of capital stock from 170 million to 5 billion was approved by the company's investors in an annual meeting on Tuesday in Los Gatos.

Shareholders also approved non-binding proposals to elect board members annually. The proposal, which has now been approved by the investors, would offer stockholders with 3% or more of the stock for three continuous years to nominate up to 25% of the board members.

In April, Company's CEP Reed Hastings said that he has planned to propose a stock split to the board. According to him, a lower price would make the stock more accessible. At that time, Netflix said that it didn't have any plans to issue shares for mergers or to raise money.

Netflix will launch its streaming service in Italy and Portugal

Netflix will launch its streaming service in Italy and Portugal

On Monday, Netflix said that it will launch its streaming service in Portugal and Italy in October. The company aims at becoming global company by the end of next year.

The service will consist of original series such as Marco Polo, Marvel's Daredevil and Bloodline in addition to the docu-series Chef's Table and stand-up comedy specials. According to reports, new titles will be added sometimes, together with shows like Club de Cuervos, a comedy about a professional soccer team and Narcos, related to an illegal drug cartel; these shows have not been debuted yet.

Netflix is already in over 50 countries; it was recently launched in Australia and New Zealand.

Episodes of ‘Bill Nye the Science Guy’ shown on Netflix

Episodes of ‘Bill Nye the Science Guy’ shown on Netflix

It was a treat this week for people who loved watching ’90s educational show “Bill Nye the Science Guy”, as its shows were on Netflix.

The show, which continued from 1993 to 1998, had mixed stuff for its viewers ranging from experiments and songs. Common factor in all of them was they were based on science themes like gravity and pollution.

Not the whole series were shown, but few episodes from the five seasons. In past few years, Nye has created a niche for himself in the science field. He has almost done everything, which many scientists avoid doing. He has features on many debates with science-doubters.

Netflix in talks with Chinese companies for partnership to enter the online video market

Netflix in talks with Chinese companies for partnership to enter the online

According to reports, Netflix is having discussions with a Chinese media company along with some other companies as it wants to enter the online video market in China. According to people who didn’t want to be named, Netflix talked to companies including Wasu Media Holding in relation to forming a partnership.

When asked about a possible China partnership, a spokeswoman, Anne Marie Squeo said that by the end of 2016, Netflix is looking forward to become almost global.

Netflix reports surge in New Subscribers

Netflix reports surge in New Subscribers

On Wednesday, streaming media company Netflix reported a record jump in subscribers in the first quarter of 2015. According to the company, the jump has pushed its streaming television service membership above 60 million.

According to the company’s report, the service has surpassed the 40 million mark in the United States and the 20 million mark across the world. In the report, the company stated that the unprecedented jump has pushed the number of subscriptions to its streaming television service more than 62 million overall.

After the report by Netflix, shares of the Los Gatos, California headquartered company jumped about 13% in after-hours trade. The company reported profit in the first quarter of the year, but it was dragged down by currency changes.

‘Damages’ Makers Start New Series Dubbed ‘Bloodline’

‘Damages’ Makers Start New Series Dubbed ‘Bloodline’

Netflix’s ‘Bloodline’, a new series from the makers of ‘Damages’, is a story of buried secrets and ambiguously motivated crime set against the backdrop of a close-knit family that reaches a breaking point after gathering to celebrate a pier being named after the parents.

As per Bloodline’s makers in the series, a prodigal son returns to his family’s resort in the Florida Keys and things go wrong after that.

On one hand ‘Damages’ was intensely serialized within seasons, ‘Bloodline’ on the other very skillfully portrays family tragedy.

Each season of ‘Damages’ was largely a reboot, bringing in a handful of big name supporting actors to play along with Glenn Close and Rose Byrne.

Netflix could spend additional $1.5 billion on content this year: Ken Sena

Netflix could spend additional $1.5 billion on content this year: Ken Sena

An analyst anticipated that Netflix, headed by CEO Reed Hastings, will have to spend an additional $1.5 billion on content this year in order to compete with its rivals. According to Evercore ISI analyst Ken Sena, competition could create problems for the company to 'sell' from 'hold'. Snapchat's new Discover platform, Apple's teaming with HBO Now and ABC's streaming of 'The Oscars Backstage' on Facebook could all hinder the company's development.

According to Sena, the extra expenditure on content will cut Netflix's free cash flow for 2015, to a negative $677 million, compared to an estimation of negative $97 million by Street.

Netflix launches in Cuba

Netflix launches in Cuba

Washington, Feb 10 : Streaming service Netflix has reportedly launched in Cuba.

According to the Verge, Netflix, which already offers service elsewhere in Latin America, tweeted out a confirmation of the news this morning.

The service will stream some of its popular original shows in Cuba including House of Cards and Orange is the New Black .

In order to subscribe to the service, Cuban residents are required to have access to international payment methods like debit or credit cards. Plans reportedly start at 7.99 dollars. (ANI)

Netflix chief says era of broadcast television would "probably end by 2030"

Reed HastingsWellington, Nov 29 : The chief executive of Netflix Reed Hastings said, during a promotional tour for his company's Latin American operations, that broadcast television would "probably end by 2030".

Hastings compared the television business to an ageing horse saying that the "horse was good until we had the car".

According to Stuff. co. nz, Netflix and other streaming services in the U. S. like Amazon Prime and Hulu Plus have been blamed from reduction in traditional television viewing and declining cable subscription rates.

Hastings said that internet T. V. would eventually replace the linear T. V.

Netflix profits surge to $48.4mn with 44 mn subscribers in Q4

NetflixWashington, Jan. 23  : American Internet streaming media provider Netflix's profit has surged again in the fourth quarter to 48.4 million dollars with addition of more than 4 million subscribers.

The company's shares rose 17 percent to 390.46 dollars after hours as its outlook for profit in the current quarter beat Wall Street expectations, Cnet reports.

The company expects the number to reach 48 million by the end of March, the report added. (ANI)

Netflix launches new user profiles

Netflix launches new user profilesNetflix has launched a new feature in its service, the use profiles allowing users to create upto five different profiles within a single account for appropriate movie recommendations.

The video streaming service is aiming to avoid the mismatched set of movie recommendations in a single account. The profiles can be created either on Netflix. com or the Netflix app for PlayStation 3 and users will also be allowed to link their Netflix profile with their Facebook account to connect with friends and see their movie choices.

Netflix Cloud Prize contest to award $100,000 to developers who improve cloud computing

Netflix Cloud Prize contest to award $100,000 to developers who improve cloud computingOn Thursday, video distribution powerhouse Netflix announced its Netflix Cloud Prize contest, in which the company will hand out an award of $100,000 to developers who can come up with innovative ways for improving cloud computing.

Amazon apologizes for service outage on Christmas Eve

Amazon apologizes for service outage on Christmas Eve In a Monday post, Amazon Web Services (AWS) extended an apology for its Christmas Eve service outage which caused disruptions to client Netflix's video service for several users in the US, Canada and Latin America.

Netflix shares rise 13% on Microsoft acquisition rumor

Netflix shares rise 13% on Microsoft acquisition rumorAccording to a Forbes report, an unsubstantiated rumor that software giant Microsoft was acquiring streaming video provider Netflix led to a 13 percent jump in Netflix shares on Friday.

Despite the fact that a Microsoft spokesperson refused to either confirm or deny the Microsoft's rumored plans to acquire Netflix, a CNET report also said that the rumors about the acquisition were definitely making rounds; with a Wall Street banking firm also apparently having mentioned in an e-mail that one of the rumors hinted at Microsoft offering $90 a share for Netflix.

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings leaving Microsoft board

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings leaving Microsoft boardOn Tuesday, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings revealed in an announcement that he is leaving the Microsoft board of directors --- the departure, coming after Hastings' 5-1/2-year stint as a Microsoft board director, will take effect November 28; the day for which Microsoft's annual shareholders is scheduled.

About the reason behind his decision to quit the Microsoft board, 51-year-old Hastings - who owns approximately 226,000 shares of Microsoft stock presently valued at $6.6 million - said that the move will give him more time on the Netflix video subscription service.

Nintendo announces its ambitious TVii platform

NintendoAnnouncing a notably ambitious platform at its recent press conference, Nintendo unveiled its highly impressive, home-entertainment-centric TVii effort, underscoring a substantial advancement of the company’s family-oriented approach to gaming.

The announcement of Nintendo TVii came as a big surprise at the company’s press event, which chiefly pivoted around the disclosure of the pricing of its forthcoming Wii U console as well as it launch date.

Sandvine: “Netflix is now the unquestioned king of North American’s fixed access networks”

Sandvine: “Netflix is now the unquestioned king of North American’s fixed access networks”According to the latest Global Internet Phenomena report from Sandvine, popular streaming service Netflix is ruling the roost when it comes to data use in the US, thanks largely to the consumers’ growing appetite for on-demand applications and video.

NetFlix and Warner Bros. extend their deal

NetFlix and Warner Bros. extend their dealNetflix is said to have been extending its line-up of TV shows via the Watch Instantly service.

This supposedly comes from the new contract that binds with the Warner Bros. Home Entertainment. According to this deal one can proffer all 100 episodes of Nip/Tuck available to Netflix subscribers for the next four years.

This agreement will soon see the extension that comes in form of the two companies' existing arrangement, that comprise of other TV series, which include Veronica Mars, Pushing Daisies & Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

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