Evan Rachel Wood, Jim Sturgess to star in Spider-Man stage musical?

Washington, Dec 17: If director Julie Taymor has her way, then Evan Rachel Wood and Jim Sturgess will be playing the lead in her Spider-Man stage musical.

The ‘Across the World’ director has set her heart on turning the screen pair into a stage duo.

She wants Sturgess to play Spiderman and Wood his girlfriend Mary Jane Watson. Taymor said she would love to cast them if the timings are worked out.

"I would love for them to do it... but it's all about timing. Jim is new to the movie thing, and he has, like, four movies coming out, " Contactmusic quoted her, as telling PlanetGossip.Eonline.com.

However, Taymor revealed that if it doesn’t work she would bring back the couple in ‘Across The Universe’ sequel.