25 kg Hashish and poppy straws seized

25 kg Hashish and poppy straws seizedIn the light of the current happenings it was reported that two narcotics smugglers were taken in custody after seizing 25 kg of poppy straw and hashish from them at Nagrota and Kathua in Jammu division, said the officials.

The officials say it was a routine check-up of a passenger bus near Nagrota, about 12 kms from here, where the police recovered 18 kg of poppy straw from a person identified as Ghulam Nabi Wagre of Kokernagar area of Anantnag district.

Digital TV fraud led to jail

Digital TV fraud led to jailThe recent news update states the catch hold of three men for a digital TV fraud.

The accused named Dilawer Dudhwala, Imran Khansia, and Rafiq Dudhwala were all sentenced at Preston Crown Court to serve a term of fourteen years.

The group was held responsible for reprogramming set top boxes that permitted users to access the full Virgin Media pay TV service without paying any charge whatsoever.

The Police raid resulted in extraction of close to two hundred set top boxes.

Held hikers in Iranian legal limbo

Held hikers in Iranian legal limboThe families have said that three U. S. hikers arrested in Iran have spent 10 months in prison without being formally charged and with no access to lawyers.

Shane Bauer, 27, and friend Josh Fattal 27, are in a cell together while Bauer's newly-engaged girlfriend, Sarah Shourd, 31, is in her own cell, ABC News reported Monday.

The three American hikers were arrested in Iran in July 2009 as they hiked a path along the Iran-Iraq border after visiting a region of Iraq, The Oakland (Calif.) Tribune reported.

Woman gets 15 years prison for kidnapping teenager

Elizabeth-Smart(L)-Wanda-BarzeeAccording to the official reports, one of Elizabeth Smart's abductors received a 15-year prison sentence in Utah after apologizing to her family.

CNN has reported that U. S. District Court Judge Dale Kimball gave Wanda Barzee seven years credit for time served and ordered her to spend the rest of the term at a medical and psychiatric center for female federal prisoners in Texas.

Barzee had pleaded guilty to helping her then-husband Brian David Mitchell kidnap Smart, then 14, from her Salt Lake City home in 2002.

Five valuable paintings have been stolen from museum in Paris

Five valuable paintings have been stolen from museum in ParisFrench officials have informed that five paintings by Picasso, Matisse and other great artists were stolen from The Modern Art museum in Paris. The estimated cost of those paintings is $123 million. As per the official reports, the paintings were most probably stolen yesterday morning or at Wednesday night.

Officials have said that the activity was very well planned. The museum near to the Eiffel Tower has been sealed by the investigators after this issue.

Police shoot armed bus hijacker

Police shoot armed bus hijackerAn armed man was shot by the Australian police when he was trying to hijack the bus. This was happened in the city of Melbourne. As per the officials a 21 year old guy was trying to drive off a bus by attacking the bus driver.

The bus was parked outside the Essendon railway station when this incident happened. The two police officers have tried their best to forcibly stop him with capsicum spray but when they failed, they had to fire at him.

Bail hearing expected on Monday in international betting operation case

Nicodemo S ScarfoAuthorities have revealed that a bail hearing in New Jersey is expected Monday for Nicodemo S. Scarfo, accused of helping to run an international betting operation.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reported on Sunday that Scarfo, arrested Friday outside his Atlantic City home and taken to Morris County Jail, stands accused of being part of a sports-betting operation that used the Internet, Web sites, passwords and a wire room based in Costa Rica to allegedly move more than $2 billion in a 15-month span.

Scarfo, 44, faces charges of conspiracy, gambling and racketeering.

Captain Dragan was arrested after global manhunt

Dragan-VasiljkovicA person was arrested after his global manhunt of the by the officers Australian Federal Police in New South Wales.

The Dutch National police agency has also help the Australian police in arresting him His name was Daniel Snedden, who is also known as Dragan Vasiljkovic. Police have been searching him since March when the high court has ordered to be extradited him for trial.

He has another name too i. e. Captain Dragan. He was appointed as the Serbian paramilitary commander and now he is accused of rape, torturing and murdering civilians and the prisoners of the war.

Nine young Boston men charged with beating young retarded man

Nine young Boston men charged with beating young retarded manAccording to media reports, nine young Boston men and teenagers have been charged with beating a young retarded man many of them allegedly knew.

The Boston Globe has reported that Bail was set at $500 for nine defendants ages 17 to 20 at a hearing Tuesday. They were charged with assaulting a disabled person.

French armored driver sentenced to three years in prison for stealing $15 million

Toni MusulinIt has been reported that a French armored car driver who stole $15 million has been sentenced to three years in prison and says he denies any knowledge of an unrecovered $3.2 million.

ABC News reported on Wednesday that Toni Musulin, 39, admitted in a Lyon court to driving his armored car away after a pickup at a branch of the Banque de France in November 2009.

Mystery man flee from detectives leaving counterfeit cash and weapons behind

Mystery man flee from detectives leaving counterfeit cash and weapons behindAccording to official reports, Los Angeles police say a mystery man who fled from detectives leaving counterfeit cash and weapons behind is still at large and may have left the country.

The Los Angeles Times reported on Wednesday that Brian Alexik, 33, of New Jersey, who possessed a number of passports with different identities, was said by sources to be a Russian immigrant arrested previously in New Jersey on narcotics-related charges.

Gun smugglers killed by Police in Macedonia

Gun smugglersThey killed four members of a Kosovar Albanian gang suspected of trying to smuggle large amounts of weaponry across Macedonia's borders, Macedonian police has said.

Radio Srbija reported on Wednesday that acting on a tip, police in the village of Radus on the border between Macedonia and Serbia attempted to stop a van believed to be carrying weapons when the occupants opened fire.

The Macedonian International News Agency has said that no police were killed or injured in the 15-minute exchange of gunfire.

MINA further reported that several other armed terrorists operating in and around Radusha surrendered to the police.

New Mexico men may receive hate-crime sentencing enhancements

CrimeProsecutors have said that three New Mexico men who attacked a mentally disabled man, branding his arm with a swastika, may receive hate-crime sentencing enhancements.

The Albuquerque Journal has reported that Jesse Sanford, 24, William Hatch, 28, and Paul Beebe, 26, of Albuquerque were each charged with four felony counts of kidnapping, aggravated battery and other charges for the attack late last month on the 22-year-old man of Navajo, N. M. The three remained in jail Monday on a $150,000 cash-only bond each.

Faisal to hijack the flight

Faisal-ShahzadFederal investigating authorities are now looking into Faisal Shahzad case seriously. Faisal Shahzad is the person who was involved in the Times Square bomb blast and has been arrested later. But it has been suspected that he was about to hijack the plane. He has managed to enter a Dubai-bound plane at the JFK airport before he was caught minutes before it took off. This has been clarified by the officials at the White House.

Rape suspect kills police officer in Rockdale County

Rape suspect kills police officer in Rockdale CountyOfficials have said that an officer shot by an alleged rape suspect became the first Rockdale County, Ga., deputy killed in the line of duty since the early 1900s.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution reported on Sunday that a day after he turned 28 years old, Brian Lamar Mahaffey was fatally shot by a man he was attempting to arrest on suspicion of rape.

Gunmen kill one person and kidnap groom in a Mexican wedding

Gunmen kill one person and kidnap groom in a Mexican weddingOfficials have informed that gunmen killed one person at a wedding and kidnapped the groom and three others Friday at a Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, church before escaping.

CNN has reported that Chihuahua State Attorney General's Office spokesman Carlos Gonzalez said "It's unclear if this was gang or drug related."

Gonzalez further said that the shooting victim, described in his 20s, was shot in the back in the church's parking lot while running from the scene.

Co-worker beaten by airport security screener with expandable police baton for genital teasing

Rolando NegrinAn airport security screener allegedly beat a co-worker with an expandable police baton after months of teasing about his genitals, Police in Florida has said.

The Miami Herald reported on Friday that investigators said Miami International Airport federal security screener Rolando Negrin's genitals were seen by his co-workers during a test of the airport's full-body imaging machines and he then suffered months of joking at the hands of colleagues about the size of his private parts.

Defendant in triple murder trial allegedly solicit the killing of two witnesses

Yusuf Bey IVAuthorities have said that a defendant facing a California triple murder trial allegedly tried to solicit the killing of two witnesses in the case from his jail cell.

The San Francisco Chronicle reported on Friday that Yusuf Bey IV, 24, allegedly sent messages ordering Gary Popoff, 42, to kill the two witnesses.

The newspaper also said that the allegations were included in records of Popoff's parole revocation hearing last week.

Bey and an associate are charged with the 2007 killing of Oakland Post editor Chauncey Bailey and two other men.

Chicago man acquitted of sexual assault charges

Meanith HuonCourt records have shown that a Chicago man was acquitted of sexual assault charges brought by a woman who said she responded to his online employment ad.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported on Friday that Jurors deliberated for 2 hours before acquitting Meanith Huon, 40, who did not testify in his own defense.

Huon said, "I thank God for what happened today."

The newspaper also said that defense attorneys had characterized the July 2008 incident, which began in a St. Louis bar, as consensual.

Man and woman killed in Chicago in apparent murder-suicide

Man and woman killed in Chicago in apparent murder-suicideOfficials have said that a man and woman were killed in a clothing store in Chicago's Loop area in an apparent murder-suicide while customers shopped.

The Chicago Tribune has reported that the shooting happened Friday at an Old Navy story on State Street when a man walked into the store, allegedly shot his girlfriend then turned the weapon on himself.

Shoppers were unaware of the shooting at first because it took place in the building's basement. Star Walls, 31, was on the third floor buying clothes for her children.

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