It’s A Stalemate For Spears’ Jury

It’s A Stalemate For Spears’ JuryThe Jury may have deliberated, but it seems it wasn’t enough as the Judge in Britney Spears’ driving-without-a-license trial has ordered the ‘hopelessly deadlocked’ jurors to keep deliberating.  The 10 – 2 stale mate saw the panel go home Monday night without having reached any verdict.

Spears, 26 involved in a hit and run last year that was caught on camera, reached a private settlement with the other car’s owner.  However, while the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office did not slap Spears with hit and run charges, they did charge her for driving-without-a-license charge.

Brooke Burke In Hospital

Hillary Clinton-Barack Obama join forces in Florida

Hillary Clinton-Barack Obama join forces in Florida The ‘Vote Early for Change’ rally in Fort Lauderdale on Monday saw Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton join forces, insisting on Floridians to use their swing state influence to bring back a Democrat in the White House.

With fists pumping and arms clasped around each other’s back, the two Senators looked like old friends. As thousands in the crowd cheered their appearance together, Obama vowed to tap Clinton’s passion for health-care reform in case he becomes the President.

Bacteria in human gut can influence obesity level

According to a new research, there is a link between obesity and some kind of bacteria in human gut. As bacteria support digestion in human gut but some kind of bacteria can influence the obesity level. Person with obese bacteria might gain more weight.

Researchers found in their study that a molecule named as Gpr41, activated by two types of bacteria helps in slow down the movement of food through the gut. In this process human body absorb more nutrients or calories from food and gain weight.

The study was based on mice and it showed that those bred without Gpr41 were slimmer than others although they fed the same quantity of food. The study also points the way to a possible method of controlling weight, said the researchers.

Gun ‘n Roses Album Pirate Pleads Not Guilty

Kevin Cogill, 27 from Los Angeles charged with violating federal copyright law, has pleaded not guilty to placing nine tracks on the website - http://www.antiquie

Mr. Blackwell, Hollywood Fashion Maven Dies

The bane of Hollywood celebrities, fashion maven – Mr. Blackwell renowned for his annual ‘worst-dressed’ list, died on Monday aged eighty-six. Unwell since August, Richard Blackwell, born Richard Selzer was reportedly in a coma due to a fall in his Los Angeles home.  According to his publicist - Harlan Boll, the former actor and fashion designer died in hospital on Sunday afternoon in hospital from complications from an intestinal infection.