Genetically Modified Organisms, controversy continues
Genetically Modified Organisms, controversy continues

Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) are a very controversial topic. When it comes to GMO's, people have different opinions. Some say that it's a very good thing and other say it is totally against what is right and the remaining have no idea regarding it.

Plants, animals or microorganisms that are modified by altering their DNA in such a way that would not have been possible naturally are called GMO's. In the method, specific genes are transferred from one organism to another or this could be done even between completely unrelated species.

This method is achieved by using recombinant DNA technology. DNA is altered in such a way that the species becomes virus resistant and protects the plants and also leads to increase in crop production. This also helps farmers use fewer pesticides and weed killers.

Corn, cotton, soybeans, canola, sugarbeet, alfalfa, papaya and squash are among the most common genetically engineered (GE). According to reports, at least one GE ingredient is present in most processed foods. It has also been reported that most of soybeans and corn in the country are genetically modified and most of them are used to produce high fructose corn syrup, animal feed and soybean oil.

According to FDA, GMOs that are available in market are safe. No difference in nutritional quality of GMOs has been reported compared to conventionally grown plants. Also there are no reports of increased risk of allergy or toxicity. It is important that GE foods meet the same safety requirements as foods that are grown traditionally.

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