Gujarat Changed Industrial Policy For Nano: Congress

Nano car project is facing new challenges day by day. Now, the state congress demanded details of the deal signed between Gujarat government and Tata motors. 

The party has demanded the detail through Right to Information (RTI) Act. The party alleged that the state has changed the entire industrial policy for the sake of small car project of TATA group. 

The Congress spokesperson, Arjun Modhvadia has also demanded proper compensation for affected farmers of Sanand.
Gujarat Congress president, Sidhdharth Patel said that the party wanted to disclose the incentives being offered to the landholders. He also alleged the change in industrial policy of the state for the benefits of TATA. 

He said that the party is not against the industrialization of the state but it wants the detail of incentives as an opposition party of the state. He said that the public has a right to know the deal. He criticized the chief minister Narandra Modi for taking credit of the project.

It is recalled that the Gujarat government has allotted 1100 acres of land to TATA Motors for relocation of Nano car project.