Invisibility cloak may be part of everyday life by 2039

London, January 26 : Science experts have predicted that X-Ray vision and Harry Potter-style invisibility cloaks may be among some of the inventions that will become part of everyday life by 2039.

Compiled by News Scientists experts, the list of predicted inventions also includes an affordable and readily-available jet pack, like that used by James Bond in the film Thunderball.

It would allow users to travel short distances quickly and to avoid roads.

The experts believe that X-Ray vision's realisation could be possible because of an extention of existing research on ultrasound. They say that it would allow people to see through walls.

They further state that shops will also be selling invisibility cloaks, like those worn by fictional characters including Harry Potter, in future.

According to them, ongoing studies aimed at developing fabrics that deceive the human eye by distorting light waves may make it possible.

In the meanwhile, material replicating a gecko''s foot could be developed for gloves and boots, allowing people to stick to walls and climb like Spiderman.

The predicted inventions have been enlisted to mark the 30th anniversary of the first mobile telephone network, which was launched in Tokyo in 1979 by a Japanese company.

The survey conducted by the magazine also showed that most scientists believed that within 30 years a handheld language-translating device, like the "Babel Fish" in The Hitchhiker''s Guide to the Galaxy, could be developed, allowing the instant conversion of foreign words being heard by the user.

The scientists were of the opinion that it could build on technology already used by US soldiers in Iraq, which recognises common speech patterns to translate Arabic into English.

Also on the list was a "handheld healing machine", similar to that wielded by Dr McCoy in Star Trek. The scientists surveyed thought that it could be pointed at a user''s body to discover internal injuries and encourage healing.

Meanwhile, a device to harness human energy to charge devices like mobile phones and iPods could also be developed, said the scientists.

"Crystal-ball gazing is a fraught endeavour... but in 30 years'' time these gadgets may change our lives as much, or maybe more, than cellphones, iPods and the internet," the Telegraph quoted the magazine as saying.

The list included:
- X-Ray vision
- Invisibility cloak
- Hand-held healing machine
- Spiderman-like materials for gloves and boots
- Human energy phone charger
- Jet pack
- Personal spaceship
- Artificial diving gills
- Translating machine (ANI)

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