Low cost Laptop at just Rs 15000 from ACi for Indian markets

ACi Budget Laptop Rs 15000
Allied Computers International Ltd (ACi) has announced a low cost laptop priced at Rs 15,000 only for Indian market. Last year, ACi launched laptop for just Rs 19,999. The company may start selling the laptops by June next year. Budget laptops will see a decent growth in sales as more Indian consumers are planning an upgrade from desktop to a laptop.

The low cost laptop from ACi will have Aluminium body which will lower the cost. ACi plans to increase its production from 10k units currently to 100k per year.

ACi Chairman Mr. Hirji Patel is confident that low cost solutions will get a tremendous response from Indian market. ACi plans to offer quality at low cost. The company plans to make profits by doing higher volumes. ACi also plans to open its own showrooms across India. The company is also in talks with retail chains for selling its low cost laptops. ACi will fund its new ventures with money raised from stock markets.

A Good desktop configuration will cost anywhere between Rs 15,000 to 22,000. If someone gets a nice laptop with a good processing speed at Rs 15,000 then a laptop will be a better option.

After Zenith and Lenovo, there is another competitor in low-cost Laptop market. Lenovo range starts around Rs 28000 while Zenith is also offering cheap laptops. Laptop market is growing very fast in India. With introduction of low cost laptops, the users who are looking for mobility solutions at lower price are also able to get nice deals.

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