Mars Express maps 90% of MARS in 3D

Mars Express maps 90% of MARS in 3DAstronomers have claimed that the high-tech cameras mounted on the European Space Agency's Mars Express have been able to map about 90 per cent of the surface of MARS in 3D.

The high-resolution stereo camera on the Mars Express has taken pictures of the red planet that could help improve understanding of the makeup of the surface. The final product includes 2702 individual clicks of the martian surface including the spacecraft's 10 821st orbit of the planet that was completed on June 30, 2012, according to the ESA.

The agency said that 87.8 per cent of the surface has been mapped in different resolutions and out of this 61.5 per cent has been mapped at a resolution of 20 m per pixel or better. The map shows all the regions observed by the camera in red, green, blue and nadir channels.

The clicks, which were not clear due to dust or other atmospheric factors on MARS were not included in the map. The agency pointed out that such places are included in the missing pieces on the top right of the map. The agency believes that the depending up on the atmospheric conditions, they expect the rover to fill in the missing places with clear pictures in the coming years.

The closer look at the planet reveals several popular geological features like the tallest volcano in the Solar System at over 21 km high, Olympus Mons Tharsis Montes chain of volcanoes and Solar System's largest canyon, Valles Marineris.

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