Maruti To Introduce iCATs

Maruti Ltd.Following the European Union way of employing hi-tech anti-theft devices in cars, the largest Indian car manufacturer, Maruti Udyog, is set to introduce the immobilizer system, iCATs, across all its models.

iCATs (intelligent Computerized Anti-Theft system) works on the principle of multiplexed communication where an inbuilt transponder, into the car key, carries a unique electronic identification and a secret code that digitally communicates with the engine computer via a controller. The car engine starts only if the secret code matches thus preventing the car from being stolen.

Sources reports that the new device will increase the cost of all Maruti cars by few thousands that drive out in the next few weeks and the company plans to pass on the hike to the prospective buyers.

The immobilizer concept is still not compulsory in India, but car manufacturers now understand the need of this digital protection because of the rising numbers of car thefts and the low rate of recovery. Toyota Motors, Honda Siel Cars India Ltd and Ford Motors already have immobilizer fitted into it.

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