Modi says “inclusive growth” the need of the hour

Modi says “inclusive growth” the need of the hour Backing Gujarat’s image as a preferred destination for domestic and foreign investors, Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi said in his speech at the India Economic Forum in the National Capital on Sunday that his state had succeeded in developing a good model for “inclusive growth.”

Saying that it was important for the government to make the poor stakeholders participants in the process of development –the way his state had empowered its citizens at the grassroots – Modi called for a paradigm shift in the way development projects are planned and implemented.

Modi said five basic thoughts have resulted in Gujarat’s exemplary governance - holistic development; a quantum jump in growth instead of incremental changes; making people active partners; allocating time, money and energy to the development of weaker sections; and maximum application of technology. 

The Chief Minister also gave details of how the state had achieved milestones in diverse areas like agriculture, health, education and judiciary. He said: “Each individual has to feel a part of the development movement. This is how Gujarat has developed.”

Talking of the nation as a whole, Modi remarked: “Since India is now growing very fast, the challenge to create conditions in which the poor can participate in the process of development is all the more urgent. We cannot have pockets of wealth and corridors of poverty co-existing.”

As far as the global scenario is concerned, Modi said the success of developmental efforts depend on creating a conducive atmosphere. In this regard, he called for a revamp in the roles of international institutions like the IMF and World Bank.