Nokia, Samsung Plan Cheaper Touch Phones

Top mobile manufacturers such as Nokia and Samsung are planning to launch cheap touch Nokia, Samsung Plan Cheaper Touch Phones    phones in the Indian market. Their announcement came after the launch of Apple’s iPhone. The companies have shown commitment to provide cheaper touch phone than iPhone for the customers. They have also planned a strategy to compete the popular ‘iTunes’ online music service of iPhone.

Iphone is planning to expand its market for touch-screen phones in India. There is a good prospectus of touch phones in India. The data shows that 40% of phones will incorporate touch-screen technology in the near future.

Nokia will firstly try to woo the middle segment of customers. It has made a cheap touch phone and expected to come in the market in a short time .Nokia has given it a code name ‘tube’. Nokia would also equip its internet platform, Ovi with regional and Hindi music.

The marketing wing director of Nokia, Devinder Kishore confirmed that the new touch phones would expect to hit the market by December this year. Samsung has also a plan to introduce touch phones by end of this year.

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