O. J. Simpson’s robbery tape leaks on the internet

Washington, September 18: An audiotape featuring former American football star O. J. Simpson’s alleged armed standoff in a hotel room in Las Vegas has been leaked on the internet.

The 60-year-old was arrested on Sunday in connection with an armed raid at the Palace Station Hotel and Casino.

According to reports, Simpson and his five associates are thought to be part of a group interested in purchasing memorabilia items from collector Alfred Beardsley.

The tape has been recorded by Thomas Riccio, co-owner of the auction house Universal Rarities.

"Think you can steal my s**t and sell it?" Contactmusic quoted Simpson as being heard in the tape obtained by TMZ.com.

One of the parties involved in the raid was heard as saying in another extract from the tape: "You, against the mother f**king wall!"

In the meanwhile, Bruce Fromong, another collector who was in the in the hotel room at that time, said that he was shocked to see Simpson wielding a weapon.

"The door burst open and they came in almost commando style, O.J. Simpson and some of his people... with guns drawn. O.J. at that time was saying, 'I want my stuff. I want my stuff.' As soon as I saw him, I'm thinking, 'O.J., how can you be this dumb? You're in enough trouble,'" he said.

The police have revealed that they have recovered two guns that were used in the alleged robbery.

Four men are still to be apprehended in connection with the incident, said the police. (With Inputs from ANI)