O J Simpson

O.J. Simpson’s former criminal attorney calls him ‘sociopath’

O.J. SimpsonWashington, Jan 15 : O. J. Simpson's former criminal attorney, Robert Shapiro, has revealed that he thinks the retired American football player is a sociopath.

Shapiro, who had led the "Dream Team" in 1994-95 that got Simpson acquitted of double murder, was asked about his former client at Mickey Rourke's party.

"He's a sociopath," Fox News quoted him as saying.

Shapiro was told that F. Lee Bailey was still defending Simpson, who is presently in prison, though not for murder, and also asked if he had always thought Simpson was a sociopath.

Simpson accomplices get probation

Simpson accomplices get probationLos Angeles  - Four days after OJ Simpson was sentenced to up to 33 years in prison on armed robbery and kidnapping charges, four of his former co-defendants were sentenced to probation after taking plea deals and testifying against him.

Michael McClinton, Walter Alexander, Charles Ehrlich and Charles Cashmore were all with Simpson in October 2007 when he barged into a Las Vegas Hotel room, where he threatened two sports memorabilia dealers whom he believed had property stolen from him.

O.J. Simpson gets 33yrs in prison for hotel robbery

Washington, Dec 6 : Retired American football player O. J. Simpson has been sentenced to 33-year in prison for his role in an armed robbery in a Las Vegas hotel.

Simpson, 61, was sentenced on December 5 in Las Vegas.

Judge Jackie Glass rejected his five-minute plea for leniency and for having made a stupid mistake, and his apology for the same.

“It was much more than stupidity,” CBS News quoted Glass as saying.

Simpson kept insisting that he was simply trying to retrieve sports memorabilia and other mementos, including his first wife''s wedding ring, from two dealers when he stormed the hotel room on September 13 last year.

Crime finally catches up with OJ Simpson

Crime finally catches up with OJ SimpsonLos Angeles  - Crime finally caught up with OJ Simpson Friday as the former American football star, controversially acquitted of the 1994 murder of his wife and her friend, was sentenced to between nine and 33 years in jail for his part in an armed robbery and kidnapping case in Las Vegas last year.

An ashen-faced Simpson, his hands in chains, looked stunned as Judge Jackie Glass of the Clark County District Court in Nevada read out the complicated sentence. Lawyers for the 61-year-old one-time American football star and actor, said in the live broadcast from the courtroom that they would appeal.

O.J. Simpson gets prison term for robbery

O.J. Simpson gets prison term for robberyLAS VEGAS, Dec. 5  -- O. J. Simpson was sentenced to at least nine years in a Nevada prison Friday for holding up two sports memorabilia dealers at gunpoint in a Las Vegas hotel.

The 61-year-old former football star apologized tearfully, telling a judge he did not realize he was doing anything illegal, the Las Vegas Sun reported. He has consistently said that he was trying to recover his own property.

Simpson facing 18 years in jail at Friday sentencing

Los Angeles  - Prosecutors will ask a judge on Friday to sentence former American football star OJ Simpson to 18 years in prison for his part in an armed robbery and kidnapping case last year in Las Vegas, according to court papers released Wednesday.

Simpson, 61, was found guilty in October on 12 charges stemming from the incident in which he and his cohorts used guns to force two sports memorabilia dealers to hand over a number of items that Simpson believed had been stolen from him.

In pre-sentencing papers, Simpson attorney Gabriel Grasso argued that Simpson should receive the minimum sentence of six years in prison. Prosecutors asked for 18 years.