Angus Houston

Mystery of missing Malaysia plane growing

Malaysia Airlines flight 370The mystery of the missing Malaysia Flight 370 is growing, and experts believe that it will be next to impossible to find the debris of the plane once batteries of its black box run out.

The Malaysian Airlines plane has been missing since early hours of March 8, and the batteries in a plane's black box normally expire in around 30 days. As only a few days are felt in the expiry of the black box's batteries, it will likely become almost impossible for investigators to find the debris.

Australia defence chief says time to leave Iraq

Melbourne, Feb. 20: Australia’s Defence Force chief, Air Chief Marsha; Angus Houstonustralia’s Defence Force chief, Air Chief Marsha; Angus Houston has said that it is time for Australian soldiers in Iraq to return home.

Air Chief Marshal Houston told a Senate Estimates Committee in Canberra this morning that the Australian Defence Force has completed its task in southern Iraq.

He said Iraqi security forces were comfortably shouldering the load in the provinces of Al-Muthanna and Dhi Qar.

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