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Lady Gaga to lock lips with Marge on ‘The Simpsons’

 Lady Gaga to lock lips with Marge on ‘The Simpsons’ London, Aug 24: Lady Gaga is all set to lock lips with Marge on an upcoming episode of ‘The Simpsons’.

The 25-year-old American pop singer will make a guest appearance in an episode titled ‘Lisa Goes Gaga’ on the hit US cartoon series next year.

“I would say this is one of the coolest thing''s I''ve ever done. My dad’s probably going to do 80 backflips when the episode comes out,” Gaga said.

Gaga honoured for gay rights campaign

Lady GaGaLondon, March 23 : Pop star Lady Gaga has been honoured for her work to promote gay rights in the US military.

The singer is a vocal supporter of the campaign against the controversial 'Don't ask, don't tell' policy, which bans homosexual US service personnel from revealing their sexuality.

Dailystar. co. uk reports that Gaga, who couldn't attend the ceremony in person, sent a video message saying: "I am honoured to accept this award from this organisation that has been dedicated to the service members for the last
17 years, and I recognise that this fight doesn't end here. We still have so much more to do."

Lady Gaga: Rekindling Relationship Leads To Engagement Speculations

Lady GagaLady Gaga, the pop star who has enthralled fans all over the world with her renditions as much as she has done so with her colorful and bold costumes is reportedly ready to get on to the next level in her real life relationship as well.

Reports are that the pop sensation has embarked into a special zone in her relationship with bartender Luc Carl with whom she just might soon get engaged. Speculations in this regard cropped up after Luc Carl moved in with Lady Gaga at her sprawling Bel- Air mansion.

Lady Gaga: Preview Of 'Born This Way’ At The Paris Men’s Fashion Week This Weekend

Lady GagaLady Gaga is certainly getting into new ideas to get her music launched from one event to another. This innovative pop diva is all set for getting into the fashion couture zone to launch some of her work from her album ‘Born This Way’ at a Paris Men’s fashion show by the top notch Thiery Mugler.

Reports suggest that the pop star has tweeted that she is now going to preview some of her upcoming stuff at this event. This is not the first time that Lady Gaga is getting into the fashion zone to launch her music though. She had premiered ‘Bad Romance’ in 2009 at the Alexander Mc Queen show.

Lady Gaga Vs. Britney Spears: Who Is Set To Rule The Roost In Music In 2011?

lady gagaThe year 2011 will see some of the biggest releases in terms of music albums and singles and it promises to be a great year for music makers as well as for music lovers.

Recently there had been quite a stir with Lady Gaga’s pant-less twitter pics hinting at another album soon on the anvil which raised speculations about what and how about the next release that the pop star has in line for her very devoted fans.

News about Lady Gaga’s next titled ‘Born This Way' is scheduled to hit stands next month and yet another one titled the same scheduled to be out in May.

Lady Gaga Scores With The Fame Monster In 2010: World’s Best Selling Album

Lady GagaEminem and Justin Bieber had to be satisfied with the position second and third respectively in the chart of World’s Best Selling Album 2010. Lady Gaga had her “little monsters” to take her to the number one slot in the list with a whopping sale of 5.8 million copies of her album 'The Fame Monster'. This helped her to secure her position in the 'Forbes 2010' top-earning celebrities. Lady Gaga joined the Forbes list at number 14 with the earning of $62 million, that’s headed by Oprah Winfrey.

Hollywood Fashion Blunders Of 2010

Hollywood Fashion Blunders Of 2010Hollywood stars and musicians are always looked upon as fashion and style icons and fans try to follow them blindly. However, these celebrities are also human beings and they can also make big fashion mistakes some time. Here, we give you a list of some names and their big fashion blunders of this year-

Lady Gaga: She has always topped the list of fashion faux pas and this year too she has given lots of examples of this tradition. The queen of disaster was seen wearing a meat frock at the MTV awards. During another award ceremony, she became a fright in white.

Lady Gaga: The Biting Cold Made Her Dash For A Pair Of Pants

Lady Gaga, the pop star who has enthralled all her fans as much by her awesome wardrobe collections and the various attires she sports during her stage performances as much as her great music numbers was quite not her usual self recently when she was in Paris.

Lady Gaga who was seen in a Victorian inspired dusky pink dress just a day before was not quite comfortable in the freezing conditions with a snowstorm having hit and the next day as she was spotted in a chick black coat, beige string and had on big black fishnet stockings worn with very very high heels but with no pants.

Lady Gaga Gets Molested By A French Fan

Lady Gaga Gets Molested By A French FanAmerican pop singer Lady Gaga who was in the French capital, Paris in the recent past to attend the Monster Ball Concert where she was scheduled to stage a performance last Sunday, the 19th of December, was reportedly groped by one of her fans who had come to greet the singer outside her hotel in Paris. According to reports from the French media, a large number of people had accumulated in front of the hotel where Lady Gaga had been putting up in Paris to greet and meet the singer who is slowly making a mark in fashion circles as well.

Paris Fans Missed Lady Gaga’s Monster Ball Tour On Sunday

Lady GaGaThe Grammy winning pop star Lady Gaga is one singer, who has developed a very strong bond with her fans across the world and claims to love her fans as they do her. But the same bond was little weakened on this Sunday when Gaga had to give a miss to her Paris' Bercy venue as part of her Monster Ball Tour.

German Boys Hack Lady GaGa’s Laptop!

German Boys Hack Lady GaGa’s Laptop!Just proving that none of us are safe in this technology driven era, celebrity laptops too, find themselves attacked by hackers operating around the world. According to reports circulating in the media, Lady GaGa and Justin Timberlake among several other pop stars from the United States were the latest victims of vice of hacking.

Lady Gaga: What Is Making Her Feel So Proud?

Lady Gaga: What Is Making Her Feel So Proud?Success brings confidence and when it comes at a very young age, it may turn out to be over-confidence and the same thing has captured the 24-year-old pop star Lady Gaga!

Gaga is going to launch her second album `Born This Way' by early 2011. However, much before the launch, the singer is going gaga about her latest venture. Probably, she has become over confident after the success of her first album `The Fame' in 2008. She has gone to the extent of claiming the album being the `greatest record' of the decade.

Lady Gaga: Silk Undergarments Enhance Her Creativity!

Lady Gaga: Silk Undergarments Enhance Her Creativity!The Lady Gaga fans must be often pondering over this singing sensation's amazing creativity as she performs so powerfully and has something very exciting to offer each time she is on stage or her album comes out. What is the secret behind the creative talent of the American pop singer?

Lady Gaga's ‘Born This Way’ Will Be A Roaring Success Says RedOne

Lady Gaga's ‘Born This Way’ Will Be A Roaring Success Says RedOneLady Gaga, the oddball yet eminent American pop songster, recently communicated at a gig stop about her forthcoming LP, `Born This Way', which is the full-length follow-up to her chart-buster debut, The Fame. Troy Carter, the CEO of the Coalition Media Group and Gaga's manager, has mentioned that they have commenced to play music for the upcoming label in order to witness how the listeners react who has lauded Gaga's work so far as unbelievably excellent.

Lady Gaga Caught In Yoga Fever!

Lady Gaga Caught In Yoga FeverThe `Paparazzi' pop star Lady Gaga has never gone gaga over her yoga mania all these years but this has come to everyone's notice now.

Gaga is reportedly taking yoga classes since 2004 before she became popular as pop star. Recently, the 24-year-old pop star was seen attending Bikram yoga session in London in a pair of racy red lace knickers. And the most surprising fact is that she as carrying out the yoga sessions during the scorching temperatures of 105 degree F.

Lady Gaga Will Be Shot In The Head, Threatens A Fan

Lady Gaga Will Be Shot In The Head, Threatens A FanA New York based Russian, Anastasia Obukhova, has threatened to shoot Lady Gaga in the head. Why? Because Lady Gaga haunts this 26-year-old student in her dreams. So, Obukhova wants to die along with this pop singer.

Women Artists Dominate MTV Europe Music Awards 2010

Women Artists Dominate MTV Europe Music Awards 2010The MTV Europe Music Awards 2010 was a star-studded event at Madrid in Spain. Female artists dominated the stage when it came to winning the awards. Like always, our bizarre queen -Lady Gaga made it by winning the award in the best pop category and best song for "Bad Romance".

Although her fans missed her as she could not be present personally at Madrid, she made up for it by interacting with them through a video link fro Budapest where she was on a tour. Lady Gaga shouted out loud for her fans "I love you all in Europe ".

Lady GaGa To Be Immortalized In Eight Madme Tussauds Locations

Lady GaGa To Be Immortalized In Eight Madme Tussauds LocationsPersonalities from various walks of life have been immortalized at Madame Tussauds. The latest to join the list is our very own "bizarre queen" -Lady Gaga. The month of December will be special for the fans of Gaga as eight wax figurines of Gaga will be unveiled at Madame Tussuads-Hongkong and all other seven locations of Madame Tussuads across the world. Lady Gaga is known for her histrionics on stage and her flamboyant costumes often send shock waves across the world.

Lady Gaga Flags Off Halloween By Biting Barbie’s Head Off

Lady Gaga Flags Off Halloween By Biting Barbie’s Head OffPeople have weird ways of celebrating Halloween these days, so when it comes to the over-the-top singer Lady Gaga you are bound to expect something off the hook. The `Poker face' hit maker started off the Halloween celebrations by biting the head off a Barbie doll. The singer was performing at her show in Belfast, Northern Ireland on Saturday October 30 when she flagged off Halloween by biting the head off a Barbie doll.

Lady Gaga: The Unique Dresser, 5 Outrageous Ones

Lady GagaLady Gaga has been making quite a ripple in the entertainment, music and the fashion world since the time she became well known for her epic songs. While the videos and the songs that she performs or sings are huge and larger than life, keeping in character all the time the singer dresses up in style that is quite unique to her. Once it was Cher who came close to Lady Gaga with the dressing, but no one can come close to the
24-year-old singer where dressing innovations are concerned.

Though it is really tough to pick up only 5 of Lady Gaga's outrageous dresses, but here it is.

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