Person attempting to scale White House Fence sent into Custody

On Sunday, the United States Secret Service arrested a person who was attempting to scale the fence of the White House. According to the agency, the incident happened at about 10:25 pm on Sunday. In a statement, the federal law enforcement agency stated that the person was immediately arrested by the United States Secret Service Uniformed Division Officers. After that, the person was taken into custody. Charges on him are pending, as per the agency.

The Secret Service stated that identity of the person arrested is still not known. The agency under the United States Department of Homeland Security has been facing troubles with a number of security lapses for the past few months.

In September, 2014, a man had jumped the fence with a knife. According to authorities, the man ran inside the executive mansion. It was the sixth time when a person jumped the White House fence in 2014. According to the Secret Service, in the last five years, more than one dozen individuals jumped the fence.

The Secret Service said that the latest incident happened on Sunday when a person jumped over a fence at the White House. Secret Service spokesman Brian Leary said that the person tried to scale the fence on the south side of the White House. The south side of the complex faces the Washington Monument.

In a statement, Leary further said, "The person was carrying a package which was examined and determined to be harmless. The individual is in custody and charges are pending".

In March this year, two of the Secret Service agents drove a government car into a White House security barricade. According to reports, the agents were drunk at that time. Last week, the officials stated that they may top the bars of the fence to discourage jumpers.