Prison Employee faces Charges of helping 2 Prisoners to Escape

Prison employee Joyce Mitchell has been sent into custody for allegedly helping two prisoners to escape. She is accused of helping two killers who are free, but on the run.

Mitchell allegedly helped the two killers break free by providing them tools they needed to flee from an upstate New York prison a week ago.

She was charged on Friday night for promoting prison contraband and misdemeanor of criminal facilitation. She pleaded not guilty, but if court finds her guilty, she could face sentence of up to eight years in jail.

It was learnt that felons Richard Matt and David Sweat were missing after an early morning bed check was conducted at Clinton Correctional Facility in Dannemora.

During their escape from the jail, the convicted killers slipped through holes and cut into a steel plate and a steam pipe. They managed to get out through a manhole and onto the street. Authorities said that Mitchell played a very important role in making their escape successful.

The authorities added that Mitchell supplied tools being used in the escape and possibly became their getaway driver before she got cold feet. A source has said that Mitchell’s phone was also used to make calls to people Matt knew.

Mitchell has told investigators that she was not in love with Matt, but he has made her feel special. Her husband, Lyle Mitchell, was a co-worker at the prison and has provided his services since 2005. He was very upset and cried after knowing that his wife is accused of helping the convicted killers to escape.