Rahul Gandhi promises free medical treatment for poor

Rahul Gandhi promises free medical treatment for poorCongress vice president Rahul Gandhi on Sunday promised free access to medical treatment for poor if the Congress party is voted to power again in Delhi.

Talking of development goals for Amethi, Rahul mentioned that if the Congress forms the new government, then it would ensure that the poor and the deprived have free access to medical treatment.

"The UPA government will come to power in 2014 and ensure the right to free medical operation and free medicines to the poor ," said Gandhi.

Projecting himself as a leader of the masses, for the people and by the people, he promised to work among the people at the grassroot level in the constituency and take Amethi to great heights of development.

"Till I am alive I will be among you people. I hope you will bring me among yourselves. You will always see my face among yourself. Whatever I may do, I will always remain one among you. And I will always work for the development of Amethi, we will work together for its progress," he added.