Hungarian premier says government must resign if it loses key bills

Hungarian Prime Minister Ferenc GyurcsanyBudapest - Hungarian Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany on Wednesday said his minority government would have to resign if opposition parties managed to push through a proposed bill on a flat- tax.

"If parliament were to adopt a tax law with the support of the opposition parties and opposed by the Socialists, it would end our governance," he told foreign journalists at a press conference.

Hungary's OTP closes purchase of Russian bank

Budapest  -  Hungary's top bank OTP on Wednesday said it had closed the 40.95-million-dollar purchase of Russia's Donskoy Narodny Bank.

Hungary's coalition finally splits

SZDSZ partyBudapest  - Hungary's ruling coalition held its final cabinet session Wednesday as the juni

Hungary's central bank raises interest rates to 8.25 per cent

Budapest  - Hungary's central bank on Monday raised interest rates by 25 basis points to 8.25 per cent, in line with analyst expectations.

Hungarian premier expected to reshuffle after coalition collapse

Budapest - Hungarian Prime Minister Ferenc GyurcsanyHungari

Hungarian and Finnish premiers meet in Budapest

Budapest  -  Hungarian Prime Minister Ferenc GyurcsanyHungar