Likeability and competence are key to choice of therapist

Likeability and competence are key to choice of therapistMainz, Germany  - Be it lovesickness, a troubled relationship, anxiety or depression, emotional problems can have many causes. Therapy may help. But how do you find the right therapist?

The various occupational descriptions themselves are confusing. A psychotherapist may be a psychiatrist, psychologist or other mental health professional. There are also different kinds of therapies. They include psychoanalysis, during which the patient talks about childhood experiences, and behaviour therapy with practical training, as in cases of anxiety.

Child-friendly messenger program to be unveiled at CeBIT

Child-friendly messenger program to be unveiled at CeBIT Mainz, Germany  - A special, secure internet chat service for children aged 8 to 12 is slated for its world premiere at this year's CeBit technology show from March 2-8.

Packed with security protocols, the free Windows Live Messenger for Kids is designed to protect children from offensive content, reported jugendschutz. net, a website specializing in protecting children. Working with representatives of the various German states, it developed the child-friendly messenger in collaboration with Microsoft and FSM, an e-commerce site that focuses on protecting minors.

Paedophile priest in Germany resigns from priesthood

Mainz, Germany - A paedophile priest in Germany has applied to Pope Benedict XVI to resign from the priesthood after admitting that he molested boarding-school boys in the 1970s, his order said Tuesday.

At least 16 men have come forward to say they were forced into sexual acts as boys at the school, near Bad Neustadt an der Saale, 110 kilometres east of Frankfurt.

The incidents happened too long ago, between 1972 and 1976, to be prosecuted as crimes. The school closed in 1978.

The Missionaries of the Holy Family expressed regret to the victims and said the man, 71, would cease to be a priest, but would remain with the order as a brother.

Cornerstone laid in rebuilding of Mainz synagogue

Mainz, Germany  - Officials spoke of hope as the cornerstone was laid Sunday for a new synagogue in the German city of Mainz, just over 70 years after the old one was destroyed.

The old house of worship was destroyed in the November 9, 1938 pogrom known as Kristallnacht, when Nazis ransacked thousands of Jewish homes, shops and synagogues, destroying many. The rebuilding ceremony comes weeks after ceremonies to commemorate the losses Germany's Jewish community suffered that night.

Fake EBay e-mails carry a virus

Fake EBay e-mails carry a virusMainz, Germany  - Computer users should be wary of

More and more spam carries infected attachments

Mainz, Germany  - Spam is losing none of its annoyance and is becoming even more dangerous, according to analysts at Sophos - a German security software firm.

During the third quarter, one out of every 416 e-mails contained a potentially dangerous attachment compared with one in every 3,333 e-mails in the second quarter, Sophos said.

The increase can be linked to a large series of malware-spam attacks over the summer. Fake mails were doctored to appear as if they were coming from delivery company UPS and designed to steal money or online identities. All the bigger attacks targeted computers running Windows.