Spain's budget fixes backed by IMF

Spain's budget fixes backed by IMFAccording to the reports, International Monetary Fund Managing Director Dominique Strauss-Kahn Friday endorsed Spain's efforts to right its financial difficulties.

The New York Times quoted Strauss-Kahn as saying in Madrid, "The potential for growth in Spain is huge, as has been shown in the past few years. Now you have problems, everyone has problems."

Strauss-Kahn met with Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero to review Spain's budget crisis.

Moderate consumption of alcohol is good

Moderate consumption of alcohol is goodDrinking alcohol at times keeps illness at bay, especially in case of women and non-smokers, says a recent study.

The above study involved a thorough analysis of personal data and health backgrounds of people affected with Alzheimer's disease in comparison with healthier ones of the same age and gender.

Teens are much more underweight than expected

Teens-UnderweightIt has been reported that researchers in Spain found the number of teenagers in Europe with excessively low weight was higher than expected.

The rate of teenagers with excessively low weight was 3.9 percent among boys and 4.8 percent among girls, found University of Granada researchers, led by Enrique Garcia Artero. In fact, the percentage among girls was higher than the 3.0 percent found for obesity.

The finding is important because it is easier to make lifestyle changes in teens than in adults, Enrique Garcia Artero said.

Start Boozing: Stay free from Alzheimer's risk

Alzheimer-DiseaseIt is well known that alcohol is harmful to human body. But every thing in this world comes with a mixed blessing. According to a study, it has been found that occasionally drinking may reduce the probability of developing Alzheimer's disease, particularly for female and non-smokers.

Zoya Ready To Shoot Her Next Directorial Venture In Spain

Zoya Ready To Shoot Her Next Directorial Venture In SpainBollywood filmmaker Farhan Akhtar said that his sister Zoya will shot her next directorial venture "Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara" in Spain.

On his Twitter page, Farhan, who is producing the flick, posted that the shooting will be started soon.

"Countdown to Zoya's shoot has begun. Very exciting...2&1/2 months in Spain with family, friends and football fever," Farhan also wrote.

"If you liked 'Dil Chahta Hai' and 'Rock On!!', you're going to love this," he added.

Bullfighting now will be ruled by Got- the first cloned bull

Fighting-bullAccording to scientists from Spain, who claim that they have developed a clone of fighting bull that is fierce and shall possess the killer abilities of its parent.

The cloned version of the animal has been named as 'Got' which means "a glass" in Valencian, was born Tuesday, as the news channel BBC reports.

It is a 53-pound calf which will remain as fierce as his father and shall indicate a strict business machine. To achieve this feat the tem of scientist took a span of three years as stated by the project leader, Vicente Torrent.

Health costs are increased by autocratic bosses

Health costs are increased by autocratic bossesResearchers in Spain have said that top-down management, an autocratic boss who does not listen to employees -- increases healthcare costs.

How a person's work is organized can hurt health from heart disease to mental health, lead author Clara Llorens Serrano of the Trade Union Institute of Labor, Environment and Health in Madrid said.

The survey involved 7,612 employees in Spain from October 2004 to July 2005.

Beautiful woman - a health hazard

WomanA span of five minutes with any gorgeous lady can accelerate the level of cortisol hormone to increase up to a higher level. This is the hormone that creates stress. This has been found out in the recent study done by University of Valencia. This effect even more dangerous in case of the person who says women are out of league discussion as per the study.

The hormone Cortisol is produced when body undergoes physical or psychological stress and it can cause heart disease. The research team has taken 84 males for a test. They had been tested by sitting in a room and two more female strangers are allowed to go in front of them.

Quitting smoking may help in loosing weight

SmokingResearchers in Spain have said that not only does smoking not make people thinner but it is linked to weight gain.

Nicotine poisoning was linked to weight gain, lead author Francisco Javier Basterra-Gortari of the University of Navarra, said.

Published in Revista Espanola de Cardiologia, the study further found that after tracking smokers, non-smokers and those who quit, those who had never smoked put on the least amount of weight over a 4-year period.

Spain Records 3.2% Growth In Tourist Arrivals In March

Spain Records 3.2% Growth In Tourist Arrivals In MarchThe industry ministry announced that the arrival of worldwide holidaymakers in Spain climbed up 3.2% in March 2010 to 3.5 million, the largest monthly increase since May 2008.

The data showed an improvement with regard to facts provided in recent months by the ministry's Tourism Studies Institute.

During Feb this year, tourist arrivals declined by 1.5%.

The review published on Thursday also mentioned that during the last year, tourist arrivals fell down 8.7%.

Cuban tobacco legend Robaina dead at 91

ALejandro RobianaHavana, April 19:  Alejandro Robaina, Cuba's best known tobacco farmer, has died at age 91, state media reported Sunday.

He was part of a family that has been growing tobacco for four generations in San Luis near Pinar del Rio in western Cuba.

Robaina is widely credited with maintaining the quality standards of Cuba's legendary cigar tobacco even after the communist revolution 50 years ago. Havana cigars have remained the world's most highly sought and expensive.

A social networking website where anyone can express a dream drawing thousands of people

It has been reported that a social networking website where anyone can express a dream and the members commit themselves to fulfilling it is drawing thousands of people in Spain.

The website -- www. lapapaya. org -- started by Colombian architect Felipe Velazquez seeks to make the highest number of wishes come true for "everyone who is ready to dream."

According to the reports, the members known as "papayos" commit themselves to making the dreams come true, but on the condition that the person asking for a favour offers his time and effort to make wishes of three other people come true.

Employees devote more than 12 hours per day to jobs to escape from personal problems

Employees devote more than 12 hours per day to jobs to escape from personal problemsResearchers in Spain have said that about 8 percent of employees devote more than 12 hours per day to their employer to escape from personal problems.

Spending more than 50 hours per week working could indicate work addiction, says lead author Mario Del Libano of the Jaume I University in Castellon de la Plana in Spain.

Del Libano and colleagues confirmed the usefulness of Dutch Work Addiction Scale, a new scale for measuring addiction to work.

Spain crushes England 2-0

Spain crushes England 2-0Already on a roll, the Spanish team has settled its old score with England as the Spanish beat England by 2-0 in an interesting encounter. Although, the British have already secured a place for themselves in the Semi-final but the fact that the England team was beaten 4-2 in January by Spain and they haven't been able to file a victory against them in the past 35 years remains intact.

Pau Quemada converted a penalty corner into a goal in the first half for Spain while Eduard Tubau added on to the leading the second half for Olympics silver medallist Spain's third victory in the tournament.

Spanish Home Sales Fall 24.6% In 2009

Spanish Home Sales Fall 24.6% In 2009According to data released by the Spanish Land and Mercantile Registrars Association, Spanish home sales dropped 24.6 percent during the lat year.

The data unveiled on Thursday indicated that 423,114 home sales were recorded in 2009 in the country, with used-home sales dropping 27.8% and new-home sales falling 21.8%.

The collapse of the realty business is one of the key aspects exacerbating Spain's financial disaster, since construction had largely powered the Spanish monetary boom of the late 1990s and early 2000s.

Some Patients Can Easily Control AIDS Progression

Some Patients Can Easily Control AIDS ProgressionSome people suffering form acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) control the advancement of their disease naturally as they build up advanced levels of a specific molecule, a new study has said.

The study scientists, from Spain, said that the state of the molecule known as ALPHA-DEFENSINAS 1-3 is linked with better control and slower progression of AIDS.

Around, five percent of the HIV+ people do not require anti-retroviral treatment as they can control the infectivity through molecule, a mechanism, which should be researched, the researchers stated.

Nouns, Verbs Memorized In Different Brain Regions

Nouns, Verbs Memorized In Different Brain RegionsReseachers have recently exposed that the brain's region, which gets actuated when someone learns a new noun is different from the part used when a verb is memorized.

Antoni Rodriguez-Fornells, psychologist from the University of Barcelona, along with Anna Mestres-Misse, Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences in Leipzig, and neurologist Thomas F. M? nte from the Otto-von-Guericke University in Germany, have established neural (nerve cell) disparities in the brain's map when an individual memorizes new nouns and verbs.

Repsol digging deep Falkland Islands

RepsolSpanish oil company Repsol, is searching for oil these days. In the trace of the same, the company has planned to drill for oil near the Falkland Islands.

According to the BBC spokesperson, the company has planned to drill about 200 miles on the coastal of Argentina's by this December. The chase started when the UK oil companies shoot off the race for oil in the Falklands, after facing strong opposition from Argentina.

Obama hosts lunch for King Juan Carlos, expresses desire to visit Spain

Obama hosts lunch for King Juan Carlos, expresses desire to visit SpainThe Spanish foreign minister said after the Spain's King Juan Carlos and the US chief executive shared a working lunch at the White House that President Barack Obama has King Juan Carlos that he would like to visit the Iberian nation.

Miguel Angel Moratinos said at a press conference on Wednesday, following the meeting that Obama recalled past journeys to Spain and expressed a desire to return, but there was no discussion of dates or an agenda.

Anti-smoking ban postponed by Spain in search of consensus

Anti-smoking ban postponed by Spain in search of consensusSources of the Health Ministry on Monday said that a parliamentary debate on tougher anti-smoking legislation has been postponed by the Spanish government in the hope of mustering more

support for the controversial plan,. The government had intended to present the law during the Spanish European Union presidency in the first half of this year, but may only do so later in the year, the sources said.

The current 2006 legislation bans smoking at work and in public places such as hospitals, schools or shopping centers.

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