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Halle Berry is Expecting!

Halle Berry
Los Angeles: Oscar-winning screen star Halle Berry confirmed the entertainment news program that she is expecting her first child with partner Gabriel Aubry.

Berry, who won the 2001 Academy Award for Best Actress in Monster’s Ball, said she was three months into her pregnancy.

'Stern and Birkhead were gay lovers' alleges book on Anna Nicole Smith

Anna Nicole Smith
New York, Sept 3 : A new book on the late Anna Nicole Smith has revealed that the model's long time partner Howard K Stern and her daughter's biological father Larry Birkhead were gay lovers.

The book 'Blonde Ambition: The Untold Story Behind Anna Nicole Smith's Death' written by former MSNBC journalist Rita Cosby alleges that Smith and her friend caught Stern and Birkhead red-handed.

Surgeries to Shape Labia, Restore Hymen, Tighten Vagina are Unsafe – ACOG

FDA statement on Merck’s AIDS Drug, Isentress

Brad and Angelina Want More Kids

Brad Pitt"Yeah, we're ready," said Brad Pitt, when asked if they were ready for more kids.

Fifteen Minutes Of Hypnosis Session Alleviates Breast Cancer Surgery Pain - Study

Chicago: According to U.S. scientists, women who had hypnosis before breast cancer operation wanted less anesthesia, and experienced less fallouts as compared to those who got counseling as a substitute.

Guy Monygomery of Mount Sinai School of Medicine on New York stated, “This is a randomized clinical trial of 200 patients that really showed beneficial effects for patients. It really works well.”